Tuesday, August 31, 2010

China Glaze Shocking Pink

Hello guys,

  I have some BRIGHT nails for you today. I have yet another first for me and it was ... An experience...  To say the least

China Glaze- Neon Shocking Pink
Indoors w/o Flash. Pretty right?
  So as I expected the application of this color was a bit of a pain in the behind. The first two coats were a streaky nightmare but once I added a third coat it magically evened it self out and it looked great! Once I added a coat of Scehe Vite it looked even better. In the picture above the color looks quite tame, trust me these are some bright neon pink nails right now.

Outdoors w/ Natural Sunlight & the addition of some Fauxnad
 I took some pics in natural sunlight but even then the color isn't photographing quite right. This is like Day- Glo pink guys. It's definitely an edgy fun color. If you can get over the application this is a fun color to wear.

Until My next post
<3 Cristina

Color: CG Shocking Pink
Design: Black Konad SP
Plate: BM21

Monday, August 30, 2010

Update on Nails

Lat post for the day,

  Exactly one week ago I broke some nails painfully short and I decided to try a nail hardener by L.A Girl. Here are some pictures of the progress.

Left Hand
Right Hand

 There has been a decent amount of growth, what I'm happier about is that there has been no flaking of my nails. I have also noticed that my nails are feeling a lot less thin. 

So that is my one week update. I can't wait for my nails to be even and pretty again :)

Until tomorrow :)
<3 Cristina

All Dolled Up

Hello again :).

  This is my second post today but these are really my nails from yesterday (August 29th, 2010). My husband and I went out to a GREAT dinner last night at a really high end steakhouse. I had never been to such an upscale kind of place... I decided to wear a gorgeous black lace dress so naturally I had to dress up my nails for the occasion. I used several Konad designs layered over each other to create a lacy effect.

Racy Lacy
What do you guys think?

 Until my next post,
<3 Cristina

Base Color: OPI Princesses Rule!
Design: Konad Black and Pink Special Polish
Plate: M73(Konad), Ring finger flowers BM19

China Glaze Peachy Keen

Hello guys :)

  These are my August 28th Nails. I didn't have a chance to post since my modem decided that it needed a nap so I was internetless for most of Saturday. So for the NOTD for Saturday I swatched another new color for me, here is a pic....

China Glaze - Peachy Keen
Up & Away Collection
Indoors w/o  flash
Direct Sunlight w/o flash.
  This is such a fun color. It's kinda neutral, but not really. It is like an edgy neutral... Personally I preffer bolder colors, but every girl needs a neutral color so this is really perfect for me because I don't love beige tones againts my skin. The application was easy and even, completely opaque in two coats. As always it was finished off with a coat of Seche Vite.
 I decided to add some Konad designs to my nails after I painted them and this is what I came up with...
Not terribly original, but cute non the less :).

Until my next post,

Color: CG Peachy Keen
Design: Konad White Special Polish
Plate: M60 (Konad)

Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm a Rebel...

That's right.... It's a pedi post!!

  You know... there seems to be a lack of feet in these blogs. I dont do my tootsies as often as I do my finger nails so I don't really plan to show my feet a whole lot on the blog. Butttt.... I received my Konad Nail Stamping Kit today ....Aaaand.... Well I just had to try the special polish. I didn't want to stamp over my Orly Space Cadet since I was really enjoying the color. So, I stamped my toes instead and they turned out reeeally cute.

 So indulge me for a moment. I was a little disappointed with the Konad stamper and scraper. I was hoping for better ones than the ones that came with my cheapy Chinese plates from eBay. Here is a pic.
Chinese on Left, Konad on Right.
  Ok onto the special polish. It works great. It's thick. It's bright. Done lol. Oh the pink is really pretty, kinda shimmery. That's all :).

  Anyways... Onto the actual reason for my post. Here it is!! A picture of my cute pedi using the Konad Special Polish.

Mah tootsies! This color is more berry than red but this is how it photographed:(

Until my next post,
<3 Cristina

Color: Manicurist of Seville
Flowers: Konad Special Polish
Top Coat: Seche Vite
Plate: C02 (eBay)

Quick Update

Hello all,

 So a quick update.... I have added tabs to my blog to show you guys my collection of polishes. I decided to group them by brand so each one brand has their own page. It's also easier this way for me to keep them up to date for you, my awesome readers :)!!

  Anywho here is a quick pic of my updated polish rack. I know my collection is very small but don't worry I absolutely plan on expanding!

This is as of today. As you can see there have been some additions since the last pic :)

That is all for now guys :)
<3 Cristina

Orly Space Cadet

T minus 10......9.....8....

  For today I just have a swatch for you my lovelies... I know this color has been featured on just about every single Nail related blog and their mothers but I can see why now that I'm enjoying the color. Also this is my very first Orly swatch :).

  Say hello to Orly's "Space Cadet"
Cosmic FX Collection
Indoors, no flash.
Indoors w/ Flash.

 This is an awesome color! It's a dark green jelly packed full of these micro sparkles that change color from green, to purple to pink to gold... Well you can see for yourself. As usual with these complex colors the camera doesn't really pick up the true dimension that it has... The application of this was a bit tricky for me as it was a little thick as shimmer jellys tend to be... For this swatch I used three coats.

Outdoor, no flash. The sun hasn't come out in three days :(.
Until my next post :)
<3 Cristina

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Did a Rainbow throw up on your nails?

It's very possible...

  So.. I've been feeling just awful today.. like really bad. After sleeping for most of the day and attempting to actually go to work (I really need to learn to put myself first sometimes).. Well I ended up back at home and then sleeping some more. I woke up feeling the most insignificant amount better so I figured maybe some bright nails could help brighten my spirits a little....

  So for my mani today I used several colors I had yet to use from recent hauls. First up is a swatch of my base color:

O.P.I "Teal the Cows Come Home"

  This is a really beautiful color, however, I don't see it as very Teal and more like a Shimmery Icy Blue. It reminds me of winter. The application as usual was buttery smooth. The first coast was a streaky mess, but as soon as the second coast went on it was smooth, even and gorgeous. The color was pretty opaque at two coats but I felt three would do the color more justice and it did :).

  Then... I went a little "fauxnad" happy. I have to say this is the longest it's ever taken me to do my nails. I estimate about two hours (I'm sure I'll get beter with practice). But on a side note don't underestimate the power of a good hobby. With some good jams, some comfy jammies and lots of colors at my disposal to take my mind of my less than stellar day... Well see for yourself what happened...

This I shall call Rainbow Vomit (no pun intended)... ( indoors w/ flash)This looks busier than it really is. 

Outdoors w/ flash. The weather isn't cooperating
  The glitter polish is the ever- popular "Happy Birthday" by Deborah Lippman. This was another first for me. I really like the effect this creates because there are several diffrent size glitters in so many different colors in this polish. The application is a bit tricky depending on the effect you want to create with it. In this case I wanted chunky glitter so I didn't glide the brush over my nail, I more so tapped the brush on my nail and it turned out pretty cool. I did one coat of Seche Vite and it smoothed out the glitter perfectly and made it very shiny.
Until my next post... Lots of fluids for me...
<3 Cristina
Plate: BM20
Stars: CG White on White
Squggly's: OPI Dim Sum Plum

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hello!! Kitty ♥

Hello guys!

  So today I received some image plates from China (they have no brand, got them from eBay).. And well I just had to try them. Now, I know I said just yesterday that I was not going to do anything to my nails but I just could not resist. This was my very first stamping experience and there is absolutely a little bit of a learning curve, but it's really a fun process. I'm sure had I been using an actual better stamper ( I used the little cheapo one that came with my eBay plates) I'd have had an easier time. I have Konad stuff coming my way but it is taking a while to get here.

This is probably the girliest, "pinkiest" thing I've done to my nails and I absolutely LOVE it!!! :)  I went with a subtle Sanrio inspired design since it was my first time.

Base color: CG Innocence
Dots: O.P.I Feelin' Hot Hot Hot
HK: O.P.I Black Onyx
:( I forgot to moisturize before taking this.

If you'd like any info about the plates and whatnot just ask via comment :)

Until the next time,
<3 Cristina

Monday, August 23, 2010

Nail Crisis :(!!!

Hello Guys,

  Today is a sad say for me. I work at an office supply retail store and here in Florida it is Back to School time... It's like a mini black Friday. Sunday was the last day to go shopping because school started today... So, naturally we were slammed because .. you know how those darn schools always wait 'till the last minute to let you know when school starts again..... Right.... Anywho two of my nails suffered major damage, one breaking painfully short and one just breaking... So... *cries a little* I just trimmed down all my nails and will not be wearing any polish until they are worthy once again.

  What I'll do instead is try out this L.A Girl Calcium nail hardener... And keep you guys posted on the progress of my nails. I reeeeeeally wanted to try "Nail Envy" by O.P.I, but... Really? $17? I couldn't bring myself to take the plunge....

 This is what I saw when I came home....

This really hurt... And now it looks awful!

Left Hand (day 1)

Right Hand (day 1)

Well guys,
Until my next post, hopefully a happier one :)

<3 Cristina

Saturday, August 21, 2010

He mounted my rack....


  This is a current pic of my nail polish collection. I plan on expanding, of course. If you are interested in any of the colors and knowing what they are called and what not just leave a comment and I'll tell you :).

Apparently I really like blue tones hahaha :) And as usual the flash did some funky things to some of the colors. Sry :(

Until my next post...

Much Love
<3 Cristina

O.P.I My Private Jet

I'll have My private jet waiting....

  I am absolutely in looooove with this color. Are you kidding me O.P.I? Whoever came up with this color deserves a Nobel prize in beauty if there was such a thing. My eyes are drawn to it like a moth to a flame. This is a dark granite color with holographic sparkles scattered throughout. In the bottle it looked less than great, but once it goes on the nail... Watch out, you life will never be the same:). It is just amazing. This is also a great fall color for those who don't like really deep dark creme colors. As I've come to expect from O.P.I the color applies like a dream and I only needed two coats for opaqueness, I used three to get a really dark effect. For a top coat I used Seche Vite, this really made the sparkle effect pop. If my nails were permanently this color ... Well that would be just fine with me...:)

Let's fly away... 

O.P.I "My Private Jet"
Direct Sunlight, No Flash
Sunlight + Flash

P.S: I still need to practice my angles and stuff but trust me no picture will ever do this amazing color justice. Also a BIG huge thank you to my wonderful husband for getting this for me. 

What are you guys' favorite colors? I'd love to hear from you all :)

Much Love,
<3 Cristina


Chip Skip Experiment part Deux, Trois and Quatre

Hello Darlings,

  Here is the final three days of my experiment with the "Chip Skip" by O.P.I. This stuff is really great. I'm glad I decided to try it, the results were what I expected. Long lasting, flawless looking nails for for longer time? Yes please!!

Whatch what happened below:

Thanks for reading and as always Much Love
<3 Cristina

Friday, August 20, 2010

Is Chip Skip by O.P.I really the shiz?

We shall see.... I have really high hopes for this. Watch the vid below to find out what I'm doing :)

As promised here is the picture of the color. It is a really beatiful red but I feel Red's are very done so there isn't much I can say about this color that hasn't been said. It applies like a dream. The pigmentation is excellent, I only needed two coats for deep vibrant color.
O.P.I "Off with her Red!"
Alice in Wonderland Collection
Flash (weather was not cooperating)

Much Love

O.P.I Mad as a Hatter

Glitter Glitter Glitter!
O.P.I Mad as a Hatter 
Alice in Wonderland Collection                         


  Pardon the pictures as these were taken before I had started blogging. "Mad as a Hatter" is mostly Silver glitter with Purple, Green, Blue and Orange glitter as accents. All colors The Mad Hatter sports in the movie :). There is also a black micro glitter throughout to tie it all together. This is such an awesome glitter polish. My eyes love it! For full coverage I only needed three coats. Also this dries rough so a good top coat is a must. As soon as I wear this polish again I will post better pictures of it because the ones I have here are not very good. Bottom line- If you are a glitter loving freak such as myself you must have this little bottle of crazy in your arsenal!

Thanks for reading :)
<3 Cristina

OPI Mad as a Hatter
Alice in Wonderland Collection

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Blog...

Hello All,

  I'm just making a quick post. I'm very new to this and also very curious about it. I will be posting all kinds of vids and pics on here of all my adventures in nail polish. Hopefully I'll get the hang of all this soon so I can make this a kick butt blog for you guys. Until my next post....

 Much love,
-Cristina <3