Saturday, August 21, 2010

O.P.I My Private Jet

I'll have My private jet waiting....

  I am absolutely in looooove with this color. Are you kidding me O.P.I? Whoever came up with this color deserves a Nobel prize in beauty if there was such a thing. My eyes are drawn to it like a moth to a flame. This is a dark granite color with holographic sparkles scattered throughout. In the bottle it looked less than great, but once it goes on the nail... Watch out, you life will never be the same:). It is just amazing. This is also a great fall color for those who don't like really deep dark creme colors. As I've come to expect from O.P.I the color applies like a dream and I only needed two coats for opaqueness, I used three to get a really dark effect. For a top coat I used Seche Vite, this really made the sparkle effect pop. If my nails were permanently this color ... Well that would be just fine with me...:)

Let's fly away... 

O.P.I "My Private Jet"
Direct Sunlight, No Flash
Sunlight + Flash

P.S: I still need to practice my angles and stuff but trust me no picture will ever do this amazing color justice. Also a BIG huge thank you to my wonderful husband for getting this for me. 

What are you guys' favorite colors? I'd love to hear from you all :)

Much Love,
<3 Cristina


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