Monday, August 30, 2010

China Glaze Peachy Keen

Hello guys :)

  These are my August 28th Nails. I didn't have a chance to post since my modem decided that it needed a nap so I was internetless for most of Saturday. So for the NOTD for Saturday I swatched another new color for me, here is a pic....

China Glaze - Peachy Keen
Up & Away Collection
Indoors w/o  flash
Direct Sunlight w/o flash.
  This is such a fun color. It's kinda neutral, but not really. It is like an edgy neutral... Personally I preffer bolder colors, but every girl needs a neutral color so this is really perfect for me because I don't love beige tones againts my skin. The application was easy and even, completely opaque in two coats. As always it was finished off with a coat of Seche Vite.
 I decided to add some Konad designs to my nails after I painted them and this is what I came up with...
Not terribly original, but cute non the less :).

Until my next post,

Color: CG Peachy Keen
Design: Konad White Special Polish
Plate: M60 (Konad)

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