Monday, August 23, 2010

Nail Crisis :(!!!

Hello Guys,

  Today is a sad say for me. I work at an office supply retail store and here in Florida it is Back to School time... It's like a mini black Friday. Sunday was the last day to go shopping because school started today... So, naturally we were slammed because .. you know how those darn schools always wait 'till the last minute to let you know when school starts again..... Right.... Anywho two of my nails suffered major damage, one breaking painfully short and one just breaking... So... *cries a little* I just trimmed down all my nails and will not be wearing any polish until they are worthy once again.

  What I'll do instead is try out this L.A Girl Calcium nail hardener... And keep you guys posted on the progress of my nails. I reeeeeeally wanted to try "Nail Envy" by O.P.I, but... Really? $17? I couldn't bring myself to take the plunge....

 This is what I saw when I came home....

This really hurt... And now it looks awful!

Left Hand (day 1)

Right Hand (day 1)

Well guys,
Until my next post, hopefully a happier one :)

<3 Cristina

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