Saturday, September 25, 2010

China Glaze Empowerment

I just know it!

China Glaze "Empowerment"
Fight Like a Woman Collection 2010 (Breast Cancer Awareness)
Direct Sunlignt
Artificial Light w/o Flash
  Cotton candy creamy Pink deliciousness. I just love this color. Great choice a for Breat Cancer Awareness collection. I thought it would be a lot less vibrant based on how it looks in the bottle. It turned out to be an awesome light "Barbie- Worthy" Pink. I love the finished product, but be warned application was a little tricky. It was a bit streaky and patchy at times. I only needed two coats, two very patient coats. The formula is well pigmented so no worries on it being sheer.

  ... And theeeeeeennn...... I added some bling to it... And really made it POP!
Sinful Colors: Pinky Glitter
Artificial Light
Isn't it lovely?
Direct Sunlight

 "Pinky Glitter"... Lets see? Pink jelly packed full of Pink holographic-y, different sized glitter. Gorgeous! Empowerment turned out to be the perfect base for this glitter. I really love how much dimension the glitter gives the Pink base. For the layering I used two coats of Pinky Glitter and a coat of Seche Vite. I think I'll wear these for a while :).

Thanks for Reading :)

CG Empowerment
Glitter: SC Pinky Glitter


  1. Que bellas!! todo lo que sea pink I love :P Sinful Colors yey! <3 I need to test mine when I get home!!

  2. Very pretty. the sinful colors pinky glitter is going on my wants list.


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