Monday, September 13, 2010

Zoya Kelly

 Soooo I am in looove with Zoya. More specifically the Zoya brush. I'll have to make a comparison post later on so you guys know what I am talking about.. But onto some awesomeness!!

Zoya Kelly
 Wonderful Collection
Indoors w/o Flash
Artificial Light w/ Flash
Sunlight w/ Flash
  So as you can see it is a bit darker on the nail than it is in the bottle but that it just fine with me because I looove this gray. I did two coats but those of you ladies with good hands can easily get away with one coat. I'd say after O.P.I this brand has my second favorite formula. It's smooth and even but not runny, not streaky. If you have not tried this brand, you totally should!!

Thanks for reading :),

Color: Zoya Kelly
Design: Petites Twilight
Plate: M57


  1. Loved that design! the color is so unique! :D

  2. Loooove this color! It is so fall to me it's not even funny. Looove this! Love it!

  3. Loved that design! the color is so unique! :D


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