Saturday, September 18, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

  Today I have for you a lot of glitter!!! After my less than therapeutic experience with the water marbling I decided to do something easy and pretty. I had yet t swatch one of my colors from the Alice in Wonderland Collection from O.P.I. I know this has been out FOREVER but I have not had it for very long. When I looked at my polish rack this was singing to me.

O.P.I Absolutely Alice
Alice in Wonderland Collection
Indoors w/o Flash
Direct Sunlight w/ Flash
Direct Sunlight w/o Flash
Indoors w/ Flash
Trying to hide tip wear. 
  To achieve opacity only three coast were necessary as this polish is beautiful dense dark Cyan Blue micro-glitter with scattered gold micro- glitter throughout. As the name says it is Absolutely Alice. Drying time was quick. As we all know it dried very gritty being a glitter but with two coats of Seche Vite it was all smoothed out. The only issue I have (and this may just be my nail chemistry... IDK.. lol) is that with glitters I get tip wear very very quickly. Like, within hours of application. I'm not sure what the causes it as I don't have this issue with my cremes or shimmers... Hhhmm... Any ideas? Anyhow..... This is really lovely and beautiful and just awesome. It makes me impatient for O.P.I's Burlesque Collection for the 2010 Holiday Season. It shall be awesomeness!

Thanks for reading :)!
<3 Cristina

Color: OPI Absolutely Alice, Alice in Wonderland Collection
Stripe: Silver Glitter, Stripe Rite


  1. I just purchased Seche Vite, so i researched it. Some shrinkage will occur with it. I found this website of reviews and mrsleonidas was very informative.

    Basically, do not put too thick of a top coat on, first do a top side sweep, & wrap the top coat on the free edge and i'm paraphrasing "make sure that you GO COMPLETELY OVER and a BIT UNDER.....the EDGES of your nail.
    I also, do a TOP SIDE SWEEP ACROSS FIRST....before the regular application method.
    If you do not do this ....IT WILL SHRINK"

  2. I get tip wear faster with glitters too it seems. IDK why that is.

    I love this polish. I never get tired of looking at pics of it! :D

  3. Scrangie- I could not stop staring at it. It's good to know I'm not the only one with this issue lol.

    Alikat- Thanks! I'll take a look at the site :). It's annoying it only happens with my glitter polishes :-S Which makes me sad because I LOOOVE Glitter :)!

  4. This is such a gorgeous colour! I've just bought Barry M Blue Glitter and can't wait to try it! :) xx

  5. Gorgeous colour! *want!*
    Your blog looks really lovely, Imma follow you ^^

  6. I get tip wear faster with glitters too it seems. IDK why that is.

    I love this polish. I never get tired of looking at pics of it! :D


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