Friday, September 17, 2010

Marbling Fail


 So for some reason beyond me... I decided to try water marbling on my nails. This was my first water marbling experience and it could be my last. Well maybe full manicure wise, I don't think I could do this again for all 10 of my nails. I'm sure everyone has a hard time with their first marble mani but this was just a bit too "everything" for me. Too time consuming, too messy and I feel like a lot of product was wasted. Needless to say after all the frustration I just bit the bullet and finished all my nails with lackluster results. I'm not sure how long I'll wear this for .. Without further delay I present to you my crappy manicure :) lol.

  So yeah, I don't have much to say about this because I pretty much hate how it turned out lol... Oh well it was worth a try :). I think I'll use this technique again, just not on all my nails. For the marbling I used all China Glaze colors (listed below) layered over a white base so the colors would pop and it was all topped off with two coats of Seche Vite. If you'd like to see how to do this you can watch this video posted by one of the bloggers I follow. Also if you'd like to see how awesome this technique can really be you can also check out her blog here.

Thanks for reading :)
<3 Cristina.

Base: CG White on White
Marbling: For Audrey, Shocking Pink, Peachy Keen, Secret Peri- Wink-Le, Spontaneous


  1. i acctually really love this.

  2. Thank you :). It's grown on me since the post. My husband likes it too so I'm already outnumbered :).

  3. The middle finger was nice until I had a slip up with my cleaning brush and messed it up lol.

  4. I love water marbling!

    Some colors are way harder to work with than others which is a big bummer, and why I tend not to get too crazy with it.

    Yours turned out just darling!


  5. I don't think is bad :)
    My first (and only) attempt was so bad I had to remove all the nail polish before going out eheh ^_^

  6. those nails are the shit! i'm gonna do my nails like like ASAFP!

  7. those nails are the shit! i'm gonna do my nails like like ASAFP!


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