Thursday, September 30, 2010

O.P.I Week Feat. O.P.I Burlesque Collection 2010!


  I had a little poll going to see what your favorite nail polish brands were. Surprise, surprise O.P.I won with 28 votes! Not too shocking, I mean O.P.I is the bomb. From the awesome Pro- Wide brush to the great formulas, unique colors and catchy names.... O.P.I has it going on!
  So I have decided to dedicate this week to O.P.I (Yes I'm starting my week on a Thursday lol) polishes, they are very deserving LOL. I would wait and start O.P.I week on Sunday but some awesomeness arrived in the mail today!

I give you...
Newly released O.P.I Burlesque Collection
Glow up Already - Show it and Glow It - Simmer and Shimmer- Sparkle icious (Glitters)
The show must go on- Teasy does it (Glassfleck Shimmers)
Teasy Does it - Gold duochrome goodness!
The show must go on- Stunning Pink with Gold Duochrome
   I only got six of the 12 colors because I don't feel the need to pick up every single color of every single collection, instead I chose the six colors that stood out to me the most and I knew I would wear. These are stunning! I'm already wearing one of the colors and will post about it tomorrow. I will not go into too much detail about the colors themselves in this post since I will be posting about each color individually. But these are seriously just AMAZING. If you are familiar with, and loved, the glitters in the "Alice in Wonderland Collection" and the shimmers in the "Summer Flutter Collection" this will be right up your alley. O.P.I has spawned yes another masterpiece with this collection. I cannot wait to start showing you all of these polishes!!

Thanks for reading :)

All from Burlesque Collection 2010
Glow Up Already - green
Show it and Glow it- fuchsia
Simmer and Shimmer- blue
Sparkle- Icious- multi
The Show Must Go on - pink
Teasy Does it- burgundy

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