Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Claire's Glow in the Dark- Blue

This is so cute!

Claire's Glow in the Dark Polish - Light Blue
Layered over Claire's Mood Polish Flirty/ Shy. Two coats.
This makes an adorable layering polish.
It Really does glow, it may need to be worn on a white base or as a clear glitter coat.
  OK, so this is definitely a layering polish. But I think it would be cute over naked nails too. For these pictures I used Two coats of glitter polish. In the dark my nails were barely showing but I think my base might be too dark. This polish dries very matte and very gritty so I had to use a decent coat of Seche Vite to perk it up. I really love this over this particular polish because it creates a very icy effect with the gradient in Blues from the mood polish and the blue glitter. I'm sure this would be cool under UV lights :).

Thanks for Reading :)
<3 Cristina

Claire's Glow in the Dark- Blue.


  1. OOH so pretty! glow in the dark nails are a complete win :)

    maybe the seche vite is keeping it from glowing?

  2. It's possible. It's just sooo matte and gritty without. Maybe I'll do a post soon where I try it over a naked nail, a white nail w/ and w/o top coat and what not and see what happens. I really want this to be like POW! lol.

  3. Im glad this really works! Im dissapointed that its gritty :(


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