Monday, October 11, 2010

L.A Girl Calcium Nail Hardener

Hello Lovelies,

 Another slightly lame post :(. I have been having health issues lately that have put a damper on things. I'm hoping to start feeling better consistently soon or at least have a doctor give me a straight answer as to what the issue might be :( or is..... I promise things will be back to awesome soon.

  So about 7 weeks ago my nails took a major hit with two of them breaking painfully short and me having to cut down the rest as a result of the breakage. You can see the original post (HERE). I have been using the L.A Girl Calcium Nail Hardener since that day. My nails have never been fast growers so I was not expecting a huge growth spurt with the addition of this hardener. What I have been noticing is that my nails are much thicker and I don't get little white marks on my nail beds like I used to. I've had absolutely no staining while using this product as my base. This nice because I wear very bold colors most of the time that I'm sure would have my nail looking like an ugly rainbow if I did not wear a good base coat LOL.

L.A Girl Calcium Nail Hardener
1 Coat.
 I know this doesn't look like much growth for seven weeks if you checked out the original post. I was working on getting them all the same length and I am also pretty clumsy. I've been keeping them consistently at this length until I get used to longer nails and keep growing them from there :). I think this is pretty good stuff. I suppose what kind of base coat you use is a personal prefference and not as important. What is important is that you always wear a base coat no matter what to protect your nails from staining and make your polish last longer :). I found my LA Girl Hardener at Sally's Beauty Supply.

Thanks for reading :)
<3 Cristina

LA Girls Calcium Nail Hardener.


  1. I need to look for a new base coat. I've been using Nail Envy but it seems my nails are still turning yellow... Maybe I'll just ease up on the dark colors for awhile.

    And I hope your doctor will be able to tell you what's going on. Nothing worst than feeling like crap and not knowing why.

    Stay strong!

  2. I really want to try Nail Envy but I can't bring myself so spend the $16.00 on the bottle... I think my expectations would be too high for it


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