Monday, October 18, 2010

O.P.I Yodel me on my Cell

I love a gorgeous Shimmer..

O.P.I Yodel me on my Cell
Swiss Collection
Artificial Light
Gorgeous Blue tones
What's not to love?
This is the closest to the actual Color.

 "Yodel me on my Cell" is a beautiful Dark Turquoise shimmer that I am so glad I bought :) (I debated on it for a while). This reminds me of the color on Peacock feathers. For full coverage I needed Three coats. I found the formula on this color to be a little on the thin side and it can be brush- stroke-y if not applied with a steady, even hand. As always Seche Vite was used as a top coat. The finished product is beautiful and very flattering. I wore this shade all weekend long and had no chips and even got a few compliments :).

Thanks for Reading :)
<3 Cristina

OPI Yodel me on my Cell
Swiss Collection


  1. I got this color for my friend and she loves it!! I am also thinking about getting it for myself, it is so pretty!! :)

  2. Kelly- You should def. get this!! It's a million times better on the nail.

  3. I really like this :)
    Nice shade of blue! I gotta find something similar (OPI's not sold here) for sure!


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