Tuesday, November 30, 2010

China Glaze Flying Dragon

I still don't know how I feel about this...

China Glaze Flying Dragon
This is a lot "Grapier"
This color was a biatch to photograph.
Sun + Flash

Sequins and I do not agree!
  "Flying Dragon" is a neon Purple base with matching Purple glitter and some random Blue glitter. I must say the glitter is so unnecessary, it doesn't even sparkle in Sunlight and the effect is so muddied. The base color itself is not awful, it's just a standard bright Purple. The formula was your standard neon formula, thin and uneven. For this mani I used Three coats of color. This color dries hideous, VERY gritty! I needed two coats of INM Out the Door to smooth it out and give it shine and the Third coat I added after the stamping didn't hurt it... So yeah... I'm on the fence about this color; I don't love it and I don't hate it...

What do you guys think of "Flying Dragon"?
<3 Cristina

CG Flying Dragon
Stamp: Silver Konad SP
Plate: BM03

Monday, November 29, 2010

Muffin Mondays! China Glaze Jolly Holly

Even Muffin seems to be in the Holiday mindset!

She chose for me...

China Glaze Jolly Holly
'Tis the Season to be naughty or nice
Green perfection!

Gift Wrapped Nails :)
Golden accents
   I'm in love with this manicure! "Jolly Holly" is one of the most beautiful Green shades of polish I have ever seen. It is a dark, shimmery Evergreen Green (get it?). The formula is amazing, well pigmented and you could easily get away with one coat for a lighter look. You still get full and even coverage, just a bit of a lighter shade. For my mani I used two coats. I also love that it remains Green even when not in bright lights. This is truly a Green- lovers dream. This collection is so amazing as a whole, I have a few more polishes to show you from it that I am so excited about!

As always Thanks for Reading :)
<3 Cristina

Colors used:
Base CG Jolly Holly
Stamp: OPI Brisbane Bronze
Dots: CG Midnight Kiss
Plate: BM21
Top Coat: Out the Door

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Orly Star Spangled

Red, glitter, awesome

Orly Star Spangled

Blurry to show Sparkle

   "Star Spangled" is a wonderful Red jelly packed full of fine Red micro- glitter. I really love this glitter. I'm terrible at describing Reds but this is like someone dipped a candy apple in glitter. The sparkle in this is really great.The glitter is very dense and after a good top coat very smooth. For this manicure I used Three coats and the formula was so easy to apply. The cleanup was minor. I attempted to stamp this in a candy cane pattern but the stamp was not transferring properly and I decided to not to show you guys that massive Fail. It was THAT bad. I really love this polish and it is so perfect for the Holidays.

Thanks for Reading :)
<3 Cristina

Orly Star Spangled
Top Coat: Out the Door

Saturday, November 27, 2010

O.P.I Catch Me in Your Net

What could I possibly even say...

  Here, just look at these... Even though no picture will do this justice...

O.P.I Catch me in your Net
Summer Flutter Collection
Outdoors in Shade
Direct Sunlight
Indoors in Shade. This one shows the duochrome well.
Artificial Light
  "Catch me in you Net" is a beautiful Cyan jelly base packed full of Turquoise- Green duochrome glassfleck. It has a foil like effect on the nail...??... This is one is a little hard to describe for me. All I know is that it is absolutely amazing. Application was very easy and the formula is smooth for being shimmery. I used two coats for this manicure and I couldn't bring myself to stamp on it because it s so beautiful by itself. This color is hard to find in O.P.I but I know Zoya "Charla", Orly "Haley's Comet" and Essence "I Choose You" are all dupes. This is an exquisite polish and it should be part of every ones collection if it's not already. Epic WIN? In my book, absolutely YES!

Thank you for Reading :)
<3 Cristina

OPI Catch me in your Net
TC: INm Out the Door

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday! Color Club Holo Madness!

I totally didn't go shopping... I just cannot handle the madness 

  But I can handle some madness on my nails... I decided to go for some holographic water marbling... I don't know why I keep subjecting myself to this technique. Every time I think "This will be the time I get it down" but I'm never pleased with the process or the results. I just don't have the patience I guess. These I'm not totally mad at. 

Color Club Worth the Risuqe and Revvvolution
Revvvolution Base on Every Finger except Ring Finger.
Worth The Risque Base on Ring Finger
Artificial Light Plus flash. There is no Sun today :(
Looks like Granite.
  This was my first time using Color Club polish and I really loved it. "Revvvolution" is a very very dark Graphite Grey holographic (It is almost Black, but not quite). It is so pretty. I've yet to see in in Sunlight but even indoors I can see a pretty holographic flash. This is a true one coater. The formula is excellent and dries fairly fast and shiny. "Worth the Risque" is a Silver holographic. For this one I needed two coats, once again the formula was perfection. For the marbling I used the same Two colors. I didn't even do my Right hand haha. I was hoping to see the polish in Sunlight and take pictures but no such luck :(. 

  So did any of you ladies work up the courage to go shopping the sales this A.M?

Thanks for Reading :)
<3 Cristina

Color Club: Revvvolution, Worth The Rusque
Top Coat: INM Out The Door

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Gobble Gobble!

  I wont go on long about this mani but I really wanted to do something super- mega festive to kick off the Holiday Season! I have a lot of themed manis planned because this is my favorite time of the year and I just can' help myself.

China Glaze Phat Santa/ Midnight Kiss
'Tis the Season to be Naughty or Nice
Phat Santa Base, Nubar 2010 Flakies
I really love the subtle leaves
Outdoors in Shade (I did a little number on my ring finger :-/ )
Artificial Light
  There is a LOT going on here so I won't go into much detail about the China Glaze Polishes because I will be posting about them individually. I will say this, they are excellent to work with and have amazing pigmentation . I just wanted to show you guys my Thanksgiving inspired creation and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. If any of you have any big Black Friday Plans, Godspeed LOL. Have a great Holiday Weekend everyone!

Thanks for reading :)
<3 Cristina

CG Phat Santa, Midnight Kiss
Nubar 2010
Stamp on ring: Orly red Flare, Holly Jolly
Leaf stamp: Midnight Kiss
Plates: BM10, 04
TC: INM Out the Door

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rimmel 60 Sec. "Shocker"

 I realized I've shown you guys a lot of Blues lately... Here is a nice change of pace.

Confession time!
  I've been pretty brand whore-ish lately. I don't really buy drug store polishes or whatever... The only reason I bought these Rimmel polishes was because the names gave me the giggles(you'll see what I mean in posts to come), the shades were cute and they were cheap. I'm happy to say that I'm very pleased with my purchase so far... Without further delay...

Rimmel 60 Sec. "Shocker"

Geometric pattern Randomness.
Artificial Light
How great is this Pink?
Outdoors in Shade

   "Shocker" is a great bright Pink that has a light Purple flash throughout. This polish is incredible. The brush is great. The formula is great, it was so easy to apply. Pigmentation on this polish is amazing, true one coater. It also dried incredibly fast and shiny. I'm so happy I have this color along with a few others I picked up from the same line, all with equally questionable names haha...Except for one. This was a nice little surprise. I highly recommend these polishes. Anyway, as you can see I also tried my best to get creative with my stamping and that is what came out. I think they look interesting and I especially love the Sparkles.

Thanks for Reading:)
<3 Cristina

Rimmel: Shocker
Stap: Konad Black SP
Glitter: Sparkle me Silver
TC: INM Out the Door

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finger Paints Art you Blue?

First Finger Paints for me!

 Finger Paints Art you Blue?
Artificial Light

Beehive Pattern Stamp
Kind of looks like Lizard Skin doesn't it? I love this!
  You'd swear my love of Reptiles had anything to do with this manicure :). Maybe I should use Amelia as my next inspiration, she has great coloring! So this was my first Finger Paints polish and I really liked it a lot. The formula was excellent, great pigmentation and perfect consistency. I used two coats for this mani. "Art you Blue? is a dusty Denim Blue with flashes of Silver throughout. I really love this color  for it's simplicity. It's one of those classic colors that you just can't go wrong with, in my opinion.

So you're probably wondering who Amelia is...

  Meet Amelia
She's a Bearded Dragon for those of you wondering. She has a great color combo going on lol. I also have a snake but he's not very colorful... Anyways....

Thanks for Reading :)
<3 Cristina

FP Art you Blue?
Stamp: Zoya Kelly
Plate: BM21
Top Coat: INM Out the Door

Monday, November 22, 2010

Muffin Mondays! China Glaze Blue Sparrow

Muffin is back!

  She also wasn't to thrilled to be back to work haha... This is how the selection went...

China Glaze Blue Sparrow
Artificial Light
Have you checked out My Giveaway yet?
Subtle Snowflakes
  "Blue Sparrow" is a neon Blue creme base packed full of matching Blue glitter. Application of this color is great. It goes on a bit thin so I needed Three coats for full coverage and opacity. I must be honest, I pretty much hated this color up until I applied the top coat and then it really came to life. Being a neon this color will dry matte, gritty and kind of ugly so use a really good top coat. This is a great shade of sparkly Blue for all of you Blue polish lovers out there. I really like this color, it's bright, it's loud and it's Blue! For this mani INM Out the Door TC was used.

Thanks for Reading :),
<3 Cristina

CG Blue Sparrow
Stamps: Petites Twilight
Plate: BM14

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sinful Colors See you Soon

I love this brand more and more with each polish I try.

  Mostly because each color has surprised me so much, they are beautiful. These also have great formulas and a great color selection and they do not look cheap even though they are! What's not to love? Remember to enter My Giveaway if you have not yet done so!

Sinful Colors See you Soon
Pretty Stars
Gorgeous Dark Shimmery Denim Blue

  "See you Soon" is a dark Denim Blue shimmer that looks lovely in bright lights. Under more muted lighting it looks like a dark denim Blue creme which is still very pretty actually. The formula for this was so weird, a little runny. Surprisingly I only needed two coats for full coverage. Dry time was fairly fast but I usually don't wait long enough as I slap my top coat on to speed up the process. For this mani I used INM's Out the Door for a top coat. Sinful Colors can be found at Walgreens for $2.00. 

Thanks for Reading :)
<3 Cristina

Sinful Colors See you Soon
Stamp: Petites Twilight
Plates: BM05, M03

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sinful Colors Let Me Go (Lots of Pics)

Is it just me or are these Sinful names just a bit Random...?

Sinful Colors Let me Go
Pretty Stamping
See the Awesomeness in the bottle? I wish it would've translated to the nail Better.

  "Let me Go" is a light Lavender frosty duochrome. In the bottle it has Blue, Green, Purple and Grey flashes. It is amazing in the bottle. As you can see it does not translate well to the nail. For this mani I used Three coats and there was no VNL but the color was very light and kind of blah... The formula was great and fast drying. I'm not giving up on this polish.It has great layering potential so I had to to sit down and play around with some base colors.

Here is some of the layering pics...
Two coats of "Let me Go" over:
Index: SC Mint Apple- Middle: OPI Funky Dunkey
Ring: Barielle Decadence- Pinkie: OPI Black Onyx
Index: Zoya Shawn- Middle: Zoya Kelly
Ring: Icing Preppy Purple - Pinkie- CG Innocence.
  I really love it over CG "Innocence" and "Preppy Purple". Both polishes complimented each other so well and I really love the flash of Green that "Let me Go" added to "Innocence".

Thanks for Reading :)
<3 Cristina

SC Let Me Go
Stamping: OPI Black Cherry Chutney
Plate: BM19

Friday, November 19, 2010

100th Post!!!


  I'm pretty happy with myself for sticking to this... Think I'll keep sticking to it :) So for my 100th Post I decided to revisit one of my favorite polishes ever and one of the first additions to the my official collection (I have my amazing husband to thank for the Alice in Wonderland Collection). In honor of my First nail polish Post, with the bad pictures lol.. I give you

O.P.I Mad as a Hatter 
with a twist
MAAH gradient over Zoya Kelly

 I'm not gonna go into detail about MAAH because I've already posted about it before but I wanted to wear it again and lookie here another polish combination I looove! It like MAAH all grown up. Also I used INM top coat for the first time. The stuff is awesome!

Just for fun here is a swatch, I've posted about this one before also, but never posted a swatch.

Zoya Kelly
 How great is this polish? Seriously....

Thanks for Reading and tuning in! If it weren't for you guys I wouldn't have come this far or would be wanting to keep going so badly! I love blogging and I LOOOOVE nail polish and I love all my readers so Thank you guys for everything!!! Have you checked out My Giveaway yet?
<3 Cristina

Zoya Kelly
OPI Mad as a Hatter