Monday, November 1, 2010

Muffin Mondays! Barielle Decadence

Happy Muffin Monday!

  For this Mondays mani Miss Muffin chose the absolutely, beyond Amazing:

Sorry for bad pic I had to snap it in a rush haha. She moves fast!
Barielle Decadence
Sugar Rush Collection
Artificial Light
Amazing Shimmery Goodness!
Outdoors in Shade
  This was my very first Barielle ever, but I already know it is far from being my last. I have to rant about the excellent formula this polish has. This mani was so fast and effortless, I was amazed. The brush glides like butter, super smooth and even. There were no bald spots and no brushstrokes showing whatsoever, and that can be such an issue with shimmer finishes. "Decadence" is a magnificent, true Teal shade with  an amazing shimmery finish that is just so Great, I can't even come up with the right word. For this mani only two coats were needed. It dries to a high shine but once I added my usual top coat of Seche Vite it was sublime. I highly recommend this color to anyone and everyone. Epic WIN Barielle.

**Update** After wearing this color for a few days (GASP, that never happens) I have fallen so in love with it. I actually said to my husband " I'm kinda sad at some point in my life I have to take this color off" haha. I know I can wear it again but I am just so stuck on this right now. 

Thanks for Reading :)
<3 Cristina

Barielle Decadence


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