Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rimmel 60 Sec. "Shocker"

 I realized I've shown you guys a lot of Blues lately... Here is a nice change of pace.

Confession time!
  I've been pretty brand whore-ish lately. I don't really buy drug store polishes or whatever... The only reason I bought these Rimmel polishes was because the names gave me the giggles(you'll see what I mean in posts to come), the shades were cute and they were cheap. I'm happy to say that I'm very pleased with my purchase so far... Without further delay...

Rimmel 60 Sec. "Shocker"

Geometric pattern Randomness.
Artificial Light
How great is this Pink?
Outdoors in Shade

   "Shocker" is a great bright Pink that has a light Purple flash throughout. This polish is incredible. The brush is great. The formula is great, it was so easy to apply. Pigmentation on this polish is amazing, true one coater. It also dried incredibly fast and shiny. I'm so happy I have this color along with a few others I picked up from the same line, all with equally questionable names haha...Except for one. This was a nice little surprise. I highly recommend these polishes. Anyway, as you can see I also tried my best to get creative with my stamping and that is what came out. I think they look interesting and I especially love the Sparkles.

Thanks for Reading:)
<3 Cristina

Rimmel: Shocker
Stap: Konad Black SP
Glitter: Sparkle me Silver
TC: INM Out the Door


  1. I love Rimmel polishes, I don't own Shocker but after seeing your post I think I need to.

  2. I also like this brand!
    I have one from this same type (60 seconds) called Pulsating. It's quite similar to this one!
    Konad rocks!


  3. I love shocker on you! Im not so sure about the bar glitter though

  4. Lovely design. You're very creative and give us fabulous ideas.
    Besides I love the shape of your nails, they're so beautiful.

  5. THAT IS AMAZING! I LOVE IT! Seriously - I would never even attempt that. Wow.

  6. SA- It's even better in person.

    Soraya- I also got Pulsating in the same mini haul as this ;). It's beautiful.

    TTT- I love the bar sparkles lol! Sometimes I like 'em really flashy haha.

    GW- Thank you so much!

    Sarah- Even Im surprised that I went for it hahaha.

  7. so cute!! :) ooh i love the background! i can feel the christmas now. :)

  8. Cute manicure! You reminded me how much I love Shocker. I have this polish and haven't used it in awhile. It's one of my favorites though I've used half the bottle! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Lovely design. You're very creative and give us fabulous ideas.
    Besides I love the shape of your nails, they're so beautiful.


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