Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I just wanted to post a quick picture of my entire collection all together for once!

  To see a full list of names linked to swatches go (HERE) :)

**UPDATE** I purchased my racks from Their prices don't bother me and they always pack them VERY well and ship them out fast. Also, I'm lucky because they ship out of Georgia and I live in Florida. Usually I get my stuff in like Three days, sometimes faster.

90 Bottle Rack
60 Bottle Rack, Store bought and >3.
  I have a polish room and it's awesome! Well it's in the works so far all that's in the polish room is.. Well the polish haha. Eventually I'll have a desk and a light box and whatnot... But I have finally settled on how I wanted my polish organized so I had to take pics and share with you guys. 

See you all tomorrow with the rest of my untrieds :)
<3 Cristina


  1. Can i come and sleep over in your nail polish room? ;)

    Great collection.

  2. all those looking desireable! :D

  3. wow looks amazing!!! a polish room - I would sure like that!

  4. Yay! love stash pics! can't wait to see how you do up your room!

  5. Fantastic! I want a polish room too...just need to buy more polish first;-)

  6. omg. Can you tell me where you got those racks from? I reeeeeeeeally want to get myself some for christmas. Oh...and how much?

  7. Aaaah you have a polish ROOM? So cool! <33

  8. all those looking desireable! :D


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