Friday, January 14, 2011

Essence Just in Case


   Yeah...... No.... Just no....
  I don't think I like this :(!! In the bottle it's a pretty light Bronze shimmer and it is soo pretty... On the nail it is hot streaky mess!!!! I tried so hard to make this look good and to take my time with application but no amount of steadiness was going to fix the fact that the color is HIDEOUS on the nail. It turns into a weird tone of washed out Bronze that does absolutely nothing for me. The formula was good and the brush is great on these. Maybe it's just not right on my skin tone.. IDK but I think this will be tested for stamping and be used exclusively for that purpose because this isn't cute :(. Sorry Just in Case but you're going under the fail tab...

<3 Cristina

Essence Just in Case
TC Seche Vite


  1. Awww, that's too bad it didn't work for you :( And yes, it looks REALLY streaky :/ Also, golds don't do much for my skintone either :(

  2. maybe you can use it for stamping?

  3. Ah that sucks cause I love Essence polishes. I think I have this one but haven't used it yet. :(

  4. @Lacey- I think thats pretty much the plan lol.

    @SAS- This is my first "bad" Essense experience. All the other colors I own I know I'll like :)

  5. maybe you can use it for nail art to make lines and decorations. It has a good coverage.


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