Monday, January 24, 2011

Muffin Monday!! Orly Hook Up!

Whoa this is bright!

  This is absolutely a change from Blues for Muffin.
  Yellow will never be my color but I'll make an exception for Hook Up!. This is a cool toned Yellow with a pearly shimmer. It is so bright and happy The formula was surprisingly smooth and easy to work with. I still needed Three coats to get full evenness but I had no issues with bald spots,dragging or streaking. I decided to try this glitter stripe look once more because I loved the look I did recently over WWTC from O.P.I. This time I did all 10 nails to break up the Yellow since it makes my skin look a bit too Red when I wear it by itself. Anyways this is a pretty Yellow shade with a great formula and my favorite Yellow polish out of the Three I own. If you have never tried a Yellow polish and have been wanting to this would be a good one start with since it has such a great formula.

What are your thoughts on Yellow polish?
<3 Cristina

Orly Hook Up!
Black and Blue Glitter Stripe Rites
Milani Art of Gold Striper
TC: Seche Vite


  1. Hook Up is the only yellow I wear! I adore it, except for it's terrible staining it had after an awesome half moon where it was the base. But still, it's gorgeous and not streaky like other yellows!

  2. This is really pretty, I love the glitter stripes :)
    Also, I like your new header and "slogan" or whatever you call it. Very cool ^_^

  3. I don't like yellow but it's very particular!
    I think to try it!

  4. That yellow looks amazing :)

  5. love this yellow! and also loving the glitter stripes... have you done a tutorial on how to do these? I'd love some instructions, as I'm nail-art challenged :)

  6. Jessica- I don't have a video but it is really easy to do just using the Stripe Rite stripers. Basically just start "drawing" vertical lines as close to each other as possible from left to right on your nails starting each line as close to the bottom of your nail as possible (I hope this makes sense). I have absolutely no (ZERO) skill for freehand nail art and this is really easy for me to do. Just takes a steady hand a little patience :).

  7. This is a great yellow shade. I'm not into yellow, I only own one, and I've used it twice, I think..



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