Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Best Friend... the bestest best friend ever!

  Seriously she's like my sister. We have been around each other since we were babies, literally. She lives in Puerto Rico so I don't get to see her a whole lot but we talk all the time. She is a total girly- girl and a big supporter of my blog :)! Lizy, since I know you're reading, You're the best friend anyone could ever ask for!
   So anywho, my b-day is this Sunday and she mailed me a little something! She picked me the most amazing colors to play with and I cannot wait to have some fun with these!
Lavender Pearlescent, Dreamy Poppy, Blazed
Kaleidoscope, Sparked
Wild card, Eggplant Frost, Night Prowl
Blue Moon, Bijou Blue, Caribbean Frost
Aren't they beautiful!!!? I cannot wait to try these! 
<3 Cristina


  1. Aww /blush you deserve that and more, you have always been there for me, no matter the distance, you are always the same with me. Of course I will support everything you do and I love the blog. It inspires me a lot and I can't wait to have a job that let me paint my nails :( so I can apply everything that I have learned with it hehe You are welcome and have an awsome birthday weekend with your Love!


  2. Glad you're so spoiled!!
    Have fun with these!

  3. That's so awesome!! What a kick-ass friend:) Hope you have a great bday!!!

  4. Kaleidoscope is a fun color! Wet n Wild has always surprised me! :)

  5. mmm rainbow of polishes! Blue Moon definitely keeps catching my eye at the drugstore.

  6. Awwe! This was an awesome post. What a great friend! I hope you had a great birthday and can't wait to see these AWESOME colors!!

  7. lucky you for having such a great bestie! and she picked some awesome colors.


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