Wednesday, January 5, 2011

PINK Spam!!! ♥

Take this Pink haters lol.. Just kidding darlings :)!

  But seriously what is it with so many bloggers hating Pink? I love Pink. It makes me feel happy and girly and it's usually flattering on my skin tone. I feel like I have to apologize for some of the pics because they are really crappy lol... Anywho this is most of the Pinks in my collection.  I ♥ PINK! enjoy!

China Glaze Innocence

China Glaze Shocking Pink
Orly Elsbeth's Rose

China Glaze Empowerment
Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter over CG Empowerment
O.P.I The Show must go On!

The Epic Win that is CG Strawberry Fields

O.P.I Charged Up Cherry

Rimmel Shocker

Sinful Colors Forget Now

CG Rich and Famous

Milani Digital

What are your feelings on Pink nails?
<3 Cristina


  1. I love pink so much!!!!
    Great nails. Following!!

  2. Great pinks! <3 I love pink nail polish, I'm more comfortable with pink nails as with blue or green... :) And I was also wondering, why is pink so unpopular. Ö

  3. i like the empowerment color and so much more .
    reminds me of pretty in pink or sixteen candles , the movies
    I like vov nail polishes since they have nice color ranges and are cheap but are not formaldehyde or toluene free .

  4. L.O.V.E. :) I have most of these and love them all!

  5. I'm so excited another nail blogger loves pink as much as I do!! I'm a little too obsessed with pink... I might have to get Shocking Pink... how's the application?

  6. @Jessica- It was your typical neon formula. I needed Three coats for it to even out. It's not too thin or too thick, a bit streaky, if you go over the same spot twice it will drag and you wil get bald spots. It requires a steady patient hand and a kick ass top coat. Totally worth the hassle though the finished product is such a bright in-yo-face Pink that my camera couldnt handle it lol. Done rambling now :)

    Pink lovers unite!!! haha

  7. Just bought Innocence =] Yet to try it out. I don't dislike pink, it's just one of the nail polish colors that never jumps out at me, compared to a blue or green. I've finally started to get more pinks =]

  8. I'm not a big fan of pink nails, but they all looked so pretty on you! Wow!
    I am impressed by how shiny China Glaze and OPI are... so glossy!

  9. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty - I love all of them... I don't know how anyone could hate that color lol I have got my eye on a few of those colors... thanks for the swatches!!

  10. I love PINK nail polish and I LOVE this post! :)

  11. Pink isn't a colour that suits me too well, I'm really fair but some pink polishes are getting to me. :) It's just the way it is. I prefer different kinds of blue, brown and green instead.

  12. Pink is my favorite colour...I just don't wear it enough. You've given me inspiration!

  13. I'm not really into pinks..
    I prefer teals and blues!
    And purple...
    and black...



  14. I love most colors. I'm not too fond of orange or brown but those are the only ones. Everything else I love.

  15. I love pink so much!!!!
    Great nails. Following!!


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