Monday, February 14, 2011

The Bestie Strikes Again...

She is just soo awesome...

  For Valentines my amazing best friend sent me a package full of goodies. Let me show you first. I'm so beyond excited about these polishes!
  This is a brand called Bettina. The reason why I am so excited about these is because they are made and sold only in my home Island of Puerto Rico. The bestie mentioned them and, of course, me being a total laquerhead I just had to have some so here they are. I left the choices totally up to her and she never disappoints! I also took a look on their website and they have great core collection with soft Nudes, fiery Reds and rich Taupes. Along with smaller themed collections. I cannot wait to try these out! I love my rainbow of Bettina colors! Thank you Lizy!!!

Oh and UPS brought me these today!!
  Woot! It's crackle time! I didn't get Black Mesh since I already have Black Shatter from O.P.I. These are fun though. From the promo pics I was expecting Crushed Candy to be a bit darker Teal but it's actually closer to For Audrey in tone, still totally awesome! Today was a good mail day :).

Yay for new brands!!!
<3 Cristina


  1. Yay at ALL of those, I love the crackle's, I can't wait until they get to Canada!

  2. GAH everyone is getting their crackles and I know I have to wait patiently for at least another week. I ordered a set to use in a future giveaway and Sally's has our numbers to call us when they get the ChG crackles in and I'm so sick of waiting!

    Looking forward to your swatches! How are you feeling now? <3

    - Kirsten


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