Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bettina Midnight

OMG do I looove this!

  At first glance I thought it wasn't going to be so awesome on the nail but man am I swallowing my words and fast. This is amazing! I didn't even want to stamp it ir decorate it any further.
  I know what you're thinking.. "This looks like Orly's Goth". Yes, however I love the glitter thats in Midnight much more. This has a very very fine micro Silver glitter packed in black creme base. Orly's glitter is a bit larger and in different sizes. The formula is amazing and well pigmented. I only needed Two coats to get full coverage and a nice pitch black shade. Dry time is very quick. The brush was similar to that on China Glaze so it was easy to work with. I am absolutely in love with this polish and the awesome sparkle it has. It really does look like a starry night sky. Lizy you are amazing! I hope you like what I sent you!

It's love! Need more Bettina in my life!
<3 Cristina

Bettina Midnight.


  1. Se ve brutal! Pense que se hiba a parecer al que compramos juntas de Icing, pero not at all! This is pure silver sparkle :) it looks sooo friggin nice on you!

  2. That's lovely, and your pics are gorgeous!

  3. That does look really nice! I am as excited as you are!

  4. wow, I absolutly love that black color.

  5. OMG i have to say it i'm a huge fan of bettina. we use it at my old job in PR. a month ago i moved to Long Island NY and i have my brother sending my all my bettina polishes cause i need them so bad. their color are amazing and they last. Im puertorrican too and i love your site. take care.

  6. This is gorgeous! It's really nice that you can still see so much of the sparkle in spite of the dark base.

  7. I have this one! one of my favorites!

  8. I have this one! one of my favorites!

  9. You are right!
    This is amazing!


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