Sunday, February 20, 2011

China Glaze Broken Hearted Crackle

Ahhh the awesomeness!

  This is probably my favorite color from this collection so far. Closely followed by Cracked Concrete.
  So, this is Broken Hearted, an awesome bright Pink crackle polish. The formula on this one was a bit thinner and runnier than the other crackles from this collection that I have shown you so far. I didn't find it problematic though, it was actually quite easy to work with. As my base color I used Two coats of ICING's Preppy Purple. I reeeeeally love this mani a lot!

Barbie with an edge?
<3 Cristina

Base: Icing Preppy Purple
CG Broken Hearted Crackle
TC: Seche Vite


  1. Hi, I've just found your blog and absolutely love it! I've spent ages reading all your old posts!

    I love the pink and purple! I'm loving seeing what combinations everyone uses with China Glaze's crackle polishes, can't wait to get mine!

    (Sorry this is so long)
    Lydia xx

  2. this is a sweeeeet combination!!! i love it!!! im stalking my sallys waiting for them to come out!!

  3. @Hey Hay- My local Sally's called me and the manager told me that the Crackles were showing up for her next if not this shipment so be on the lookout these coming weeks because they are coming to Sally's.

    @Lydia- Thank you! I'm glad you found me!

  4. Great combo! I ordered all of the Crackle polishes last week.. Every photo I see using one of them makes the waiting game seem even longer!!


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