Monday, February 21, 2011

China Glaze Crackle Spam


   I know it's Monday and Muffin should be up here picking me a color but... Well Muffin is kinda pissed still about her new baby sis loool... So I'm giving her a little break.  Oh but ! Here is Fault Line layered over Broken Hearted and Icing's Preppy Purple as my base. And then a whole butt load of crackle pics! Enjoy!
  Fault Line is the final Crackle color I had left to show you. This one has the least amount of crackle and the thickest formula. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that this is somewhat of a shimmery crackle polish. I really love them layered as it gives my mani such cool dimension. It looks really cool in person.
Broken Hearted
Crushed Candy
Lightning Bolt
Cracked Concrete

Hope you all enjoyed the spam!
<3 Cristina


  1. all of these are really pretty. i just knew i didn't want concrete, but you make me want it now.

  2. Perrrfect! Your manis always are. But these make me crave Crackle Glaze even more. I love your combinations.

  3. Christina! Almost at 500 subscribers, I'm so excited for you! :D

    Our favorite nail blog is growing exponentially, hurrah!

  4. @Enamel Girl- Concrete is my second favorite one! It's awesome!

    @Ulmiel- Thank you :)!

    @Heidi- Giveaway coming at 500! And That means the world to me!!! My readers ae pretty much awesome!

  5. Cristina~
    Where did you find all your China Glaze Crackles? I am quite sure you already posted,I must have missed it. I still cannot find either the OPI black crackle, OR the full size Katy Perry, OR any of the China Glaze crackles. (well, I have not tried Sally's yet, though) It is so stupid that all our beauty supply stores get product so late. ugh.

    Dora J Crow
    Montgomery, AL

  6. @dora- I got them from when they had them on pre- order.

  7. They're all so pretty!
    I'm still amazed with your Craked Concrete nails.. so awesome!


  8. Definitely the type of spam I love! The color combos are BOSS! And the multi-layers with Concrete...I'm gonna have to steal that idea from you! ;)

  9. All of them look so pretty! My favorites are Lightning Bolt, Crushed Candy and Cracked Concrete.

  10. Loving Cracked Concrete over the stripes. So many combinations come to mind! Great ideas & turns out beautiful. I love the matte look - it really shows the Crackle!


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