Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Need a Minute

Hello lovelies,

  I'm going to keep this really short and sweet. I have not been feeling well for some time now and lately it's been becoming more of an obstruction in my day and leaving me drained. I'm really not feeling well and the last thing on my mind is doing my nails. So, I'm very sorry my lovelies but I'll be taking a little break this weekend because I need to sit around and do try to recoup. I will be making an effort to come back on Monday with something super pretty for you guys.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)
<3 Cristina


  1. Please take your time. There is no rush when you are feeling sick. I hope you feel better soon. (:

  2. your health definitely should come first! take your time and get well soon! :)

  3. Take as much time as you need! Feel better soon too! I'll miss you and your nails but your health is way more important. <3

    - Kirsten

  4. Take as long as you need to just relax and recover. It's better for everyone when you're on top form so we can see your lovely bubbly posts!
    Hope you feel better soon :D


  5. Hope you feel better soon!
    Te mando un abrazo bien fuerte, recupérate pronto.

  6. I hope you feel better! We all need a break sometimes.

  7. Gett better soon, dear! Enjoy your break!

  8. I hope you can sit around, watch Lifetime movies, and drink wine...or something to that effect. Get well soon!

  9. Get well soon! I believe the best thing you can do for yourself is listen when your body tells you to REST. We'll be here when you get back!

  10. feel better!

    i never comment but i just went through your entire blog and i absolutely love it :)

  11. I hope you feel better, it's the time of year for colds and other gross sicknesses, so hopefully it doesn't hit you too hard!


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