Tuesday, February 8, 2011

O.P.I Do you Think I'm Tex-y?

Yes I think you're very "Tex-y" but...

  Ya'll know how I feel lol... Say hello to the only color in the Texas Collection that won my affections. This is a very pretty and flattering shade. Nothing uber special but still easy on the eyes and it gives me hope for the future of O.P.I jellies. I say back to the drawing table and try again. This is such a cool finish I just know they can do much cooler things with it!
  Do you think I'm Tex-y? is a darker Berry Pink "sorbet" finish polish. The color itself is sooo pretty when in Sunlight but in most light it just looks like a shade of Red. The formula on this polish was actually very easy to work with but very sheer. VNL haters (I'm indifferent toward it) everywhere will cringe at this half of the collection. For this mani I stopped at Three coats because the color was accurate and even, there is no covering the VNL. Also, I could not get this to wrap around the tips to save my life! 
  The finish itself looks pretty neat on the nail bed, kind of like a lip stain but for your nails. True jelly. It is also sooooo glossy! I just wish they had taken their time to release better colors in this finish instead of rushing to show us what they came up with. Essentially it just a jelly finish polish, which is great. Like I said props to O.P.I for trying something new finish- wise.
   I love jelly- finishes. I love the high gloss and the squishy wet look they give nails. Hopefully they perfect it and give us awesome Summer jellies in a better color range. How great would a jelly Summer collection be (Influenced by tropical waters and it's colorful inhabitants perhaps)?! Once I added the Black tips I wasn't too mad at the mani because it solved the distracting VNL issue. Out of 12 colors in the collection, this was the only one that even remotely spoke to me and 80% of my decision to buy this was influenced by wanting to see what this "new" finish looked like.

Lovelies, thoughts?

OPI DO you think im texy
Stamp: Black SP
Tips: OPI Black Onyx
Plate: M57
TC: Seche Vite


  1. ooo this is a very gorgeous mani!!! :D I'm must confess I am one of the VNL haters, and I'm quite worried about not liking many of the texas collection polishes :( but this colour does look stunning on you!!!! :) you may have swayed me lol :D


  2. I love the shape of your nails omg... They are perfect! About the color, I really like it and the fishnet stamp rocks :)

  3. Great mani! I really liked the one with black tips :))

  4. Hey, I love your mani's. You've got few aeards on my blog, please check it out!

  5. LOVE this!
    And it looks so juicy!!!

  6. k, so I have to get Konads special black polish...The Sally Hansen worked, but I just want it JET BLACK. Plus, you just make it look so awesome! ;)

  7. I wasn't feeling the jellies till I saw them in person. Can't afford them right now, but they're gorgeous. I love how you spiced this one up!

  8. It's a very pretty color ! Can't wait to try it out, unfortunately, O.P.I is very hard to find and rather expensive out here :(
    I also love the konading you did !
    Xx. S

  9. I'm in love with the color & design!!

  10. This is a perfect mani! Very sexy =P

  11. I love the fishnet pattern! This is classy and unique. I am wondering who you made the black lines on the nail bed???


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