Monday, February 7, 2011

The Promised Rant...

Hello Lovelies,

  If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you may have seen some mention of a rant that was building up in me about the O.P.I Texas Collection after seeing it in person recently. It has happened ladies. I could not keep this to myself.... Keep reading for rantings good enough to come from a senile 90 year old....

Texas Collection. Spring 2011
  O.P.I should just not waste their time coming up with mediocre Spring Collections and just put all their time and energy into their already stunning Fall Collections. Now here is a list of issues I have with this collection.

-It does not make sense. There is no color story here. It looks like they mashed up Two different (ugly) collections.
- The "Sorbet" colors are very uninspired and they all look pretty much the same. Two of the colors you have to pick up and check the label (Guy meets Gal- Veston and Big hair Big Nails). I kid you not. While Houston we Have a Purple and Do you think I'm Tex-y and Ya'll come back ya hear? are slightly different I have a feeling that in dim light and on the nail they all look the same as well.
- Which brings me to this "Sorbet" finish. Ok, we knew about this collection for quite sometime... O.P.I doesn't mention anything about this new finish until very close to the release... To me it comes off as a gimmick to distract from the fact that they released a mediocre collection. The finish itself is pretty neat. If you hate VNL and just wont stand for it then don't even bother with this finish. I give O.P.I credit for trying something new... I say next time, perfect a finish and release better (Differentt) colors so it doesn't come off gimmicky and rushed. 
- I'm all for 12 color collections but at least make the colors interesting ( China Glaze knows how to release awesome 12 color collections). These colors are uninspired, not very unique and they do not scream Spring to me. Come on O.P.I! You chose Texas as your inspiration and you give us Corpsey, Silvery colors, translucent Red, depressing Brown and random Blue and Green that have been done about 1,872 times. How exciting.... They could have taken this anywhere and that is what they give us.... BOOORING! 

Now for shiggles here is MY take on the colors:
Too Pink to Hold 'em- Light Berry Pink, probably will look Red in most light.
Do you think I'm Tex-y- Dark Berry Pink, will look Red in most light..
Houston we have a Purple- Medium Purple jelly. Nothin' new.
Guy meets Gal-veston- Coral sorbet that looks exactly like the next color
Big Hair Big Nails-  One shade up from Guy meets Gal-veston (check labels if buying both, not that I see a reason to do that). These will probably also look Red in most lighting.
Ya'll come back ya hear-  Good luck wearing this translucent orange..
Suzi loves Cowboys- A boring predictable Dark Brown
I vant to be a lone star- I vant my fingers to look like I'm in a body bag....
It's totally Fort- Worth it- No it's not....
Austintatious Turquoise- A Turquoise shade your grandma will love
Don't mess with O.P.I- Boring done Green
San Tantonio- A boring done Taupe

 My advice... If they want to continue subjecting us to their Spring collections... Take a hint from Zoya and focus on creating Six beautiful shades instead of 12 mediocre ones. I think O.P.I has become too big for their own good and they are beginning to forget who it is that keeps them in business..... US! The customers!  First they pissed a whole bunch of people off with the whole sellout to Coty thing. Then they were uber late Releasing the Katy Perry collection and now having a very hard time meeting demand. To top it all off they release a sh*tty Spring collection probably because they think they can... I hope to see more pretty things from them in the future. Lately O.P.I has been letting me down.. Yes Burlesque and Swiss were very good collections but this year is not off to a great start in my opinion...

Ladies what are your thoughts?
<3 Cristina


  1. "I vant to be a lone star- I vant my fingers to look like I'm in a body bag...."


    I think the collection is pretty boring looking also, but I'm holding my judgment until I see it in person

  2. I'm actually ecstatic to see 6 jellies for a spring collection and I think all the colors have merit. Yes, some may be similar, but I think OPI made similar colors in different underlying tones. That way there is a red for cool toned women, a red for warm toned, and so on and so forth. They included a work appropriate color as well as some bright colors for spring. I think overall it is a well rounded collection, and I'm far happier with it than last year's Hong Kong collection. And the names are classic! Do you think I'm texy? rofl I love it for the cheese factor alone

  3. I second that emotion. haha you said it best! they are like all the same. i bought a few, and Im just not wow'ed. I've only worn Houston we have a purple, and i am not a fan of VNL. i did 4 coats and you could still see it. maybe on short nails. you should post this on the fb wall!

    p.s i love your blog! Your pic's are amazing!

  4. Every swatch I've seen looks super boring. I won't buy any of it.

  5. @Scandalous- I do love the names. Highest quality cheese.

  6. I will just say I am not impressed at all with the collection, and actually kinda mad about it. A state as big as Texas and they came up with 5 pinks, a blue, a green, an orange, and 2 glitter, not even a shimmer? They need to lay off releasing "collections" for a while. They've had 3 "collections" release in the last month and all 3 have been "meh."

  7. I felt the same way you did when I first saw pics of the collection. I was underwhelmed.

    I now have 4 colors (Don't Mess With OPI, Suzi Loves Cowboys, Houston We Have A Purple, & Do You Think I'm Texy)

    DMwO & HWHaP ~ I'm a sucker for browns and greens and actually these are different than what I already have - so a win for me.

    HWHaP ~ I was surprised with how much I liked this one.

    DYTIT ~ In the bottle, I thought this was the same as HWHaP, but on the nail they're quite different. I'll be doing a comparison soon. :)

    So, to make a long comment slightly longer, I ended up pleasantly surprised. My collection isn't as extensive as most people's so to me these were a nice addition.

  8. I have to say I completely agree. From the first time I saw the promotion swatches of Texas I wrote off all the pinks/corals as the same shade that is ugly anyways and the other colors as meh. Austin-tatious is pretty but nothing new and I struggle to see the difference in Don't Mess With OPI and last year's Jade is the New Black, which I did love but come on, it looks almost like they're re-releasing the same shade!

  9. I agree. I was very disappointed when the colors were announced. I'm from TEXAS, and there's not even a freaking bluebonnet blue. That's our state flower, and it's a very pretty color, and would make a great nail polish. Red, White, and BLUE. '

    I wish they'd just call it jelly, instead of 'sorbet'.. its not a "new finish." Jellies have been around awhile. I think all the jellies are very similar. Wish they'd have done a blue jelly.

  10. I was pretty disappointed when I first saw these. But, after a few swatches I am quite interested in the pink part of this collection. I am really into jellies and I am a sucker for pink.

    But I do agree this is the most uninspiring collection of the season. I am absolutely in love with Anchors Away, there are only 2 shades I haven't purchased the red ( because I have lots of reds ) and the orange ( hate orange )

    I hope they do better in Summer!

  11. *Long...sorry!*

    When the promotional images of these came out I couldn't of been more disappointed. I think in comparison other brands are creating more original collections with unique colors and finishes.

    I also think you're right with the "sorbet" finish thing. That was the reviving quality in this polish for me. However, when I saw them at Ulta, like you I picked up Guy Meets Gal-veston and Big Hair..Big Nails and was so frustrated because I couldn't tell the difference between the two. That's really annoying when you're on a budget and can't buy everything. I ended up not buying either it was so maddening.

    I did get 2 of the colors Too Hot To Handle and Houston We Have a Purple and I'm impressed with the jelly-like finish. That being said, could they have picked any more generic of colors to add this finish too? Face it, if we all are nail polish fanatics we have these purples,pinks,and corals already in our collection and can add a bunch of clear polish to and make the same creation.

    I see your point, but in ways I'm sometimes glad there are some stinky collections out there, saves me money. :P

  12. I completely agree. I'm probably one of the few people out there who is just unimpressed with OPI overall, honestly. I feel like they recycle the same shades over and over again. These colors don't even say spring to me, they're just.. boring. The only thing OPI does right in my opinion is glitter, which is mainly what I own from them.

    I agree with the Zoya comment, too.. now THERE is a gorgeous spring collection!

  13. I must say, I did get the green and the brown because... well, because I love both colours. It doesn't matter how many similar polishes, my brain tells me that I must collect every single one. I have Jade is the New Black and it looks similar to Don't Mess With OPI but I'll need to compare both to see.

    And about the sorbet finish thing - I completely agree! I was trying to explain it to my roomie and she wasn't getting it, so I ended up saying, "It's just a gimmick because half the collection ended up ridiculously sheer." And you're right, we didn't hear anything at all about it (and hello, who reads nail blogs more than nail bloggers? We would have known!) and then it suddenly appears out of nowhere...

    Also, if it was a new finish, why on earth would they release HALF A COLLECTION with it? That seems pretty excessive, I think...

    I enjoyed your rant :)

    - Kirsten

  14. Well, thank God somebody thinks the same as I do! For me the whole Texas collection is a big pass. Nothing new. Not to mention sobret finish looks like the good ol' jelly finish, doesn't it? I usually change my mind when seeing swatches, but the swatches of Texas are doing nothing for me. OPI has some really unbelievable shades, but lately I'm lucky if I get one per collection I like. :/

    To see this from a nail salon perspective that we have to get these colors in because of name recognition and have them be SO lackluster is a big drain on our budget, even with pro pricing. Bleh I hate hate this collection.

  16. I'm glad so many people agree lol. I was worried I was gonna get a bunch of people pissed off lol.

    @StardustSteph- I agree! That's such a good point about saving money lol!

    @Sally- I didn't even think of that. The poor salons that don't really get a choice and they still have to spend the money of this collection...

    Thay are not terrible colors. I just excpect a hell of a lot more from a company like O.P.I.

  17. i compleatly disagree with everything you said. i also dislike the way you twisted your opinion to make it sound like EVERYONE feels the same way. i love this collection. i find that the jellys are great, true jellysa are harder to find then say, a creme. now that opi has done some great jellys, suddenly jellys are accesible. i love the brown and grays too. yes, the green looks similar to jade is the new black, but after comparing them, they are quite clearly different. i think that opi creates colours for the more classic woman, and i give them props for that. no one ever rips on essie for doing the same thing. opi is doing a great job, and if you dont like it, dont buy from hem. simple as that.

  18. @Annonymous- I never said EVERYONE agrees. Please tell me where I said that. If I didn't expect more from OPI I wouldnt be so disaponted. You will also notice I've never covered Essie, nor do I own any Essie because I think they are boring and overpriced. I love OPI and expect more from such a well- known brand. I expect edgier things from O.P.I I can get the classics from anyone and for a lot less $$.

  19. hey Anon- People OFTEN rip on Essie for the same thing...chillax

    This collection is "meh" for me too. Nothing grabbed me, not even a "sorbet" aka Jelly finish.

  20. I agree, and I love that OPI thinks its an amazing collection, my local trade secrets had no zoya, no essie..but like 4 shelves of the Texas collection and nothing else..ugh

  21. I was already unimpressed by this collection but you just confirmed it. Your rant made me giggle a few times though. lol


  22. I could NOT agree fact...I'm actually from San Antonio and could not be more insulted that they chose a blah tan to represent the birthplace of Fiesta! UGH!

    BTW...I am linking back to this post on my blog just because I think it's awesome!

  23. ANON~You need to grow up, little girl.

    Cristina~ The beauty supply here(Armstrong McCall) had these colors in a LOCK BOX, for pete's sake! I just laughed when I saw how repetitive they were, and have NO intention of honoring OPI with any monies going toward THAT drivel. I mean, been there, done that. WHY? ugh. so boring.

    psst-did you already know that Essie is selling at Walmart & Walgreens now? WTH? I thought that it was still pro color? sad.

    Dora J Crow
    Montgomery, AL

  24. i hear you! i'd rather get a small collection of unique colours than a big one of nothing special. i do wish OPI would focus on making special colours, when they try they can really do it right!
    this post made me laugh, i approve of your write more!

  25. @Dora- Thats funny about the lockbox lol. I have seen Essie at Walmart. I also read that they changed some of the lames for the "retail line" because apparently some of the names were "too racy" for the genral public... Please....

    @Lindsay- They really can do so much better. I mean look at Burlesque and even the Small Summer Flutter Collection was great with only Four colors.

  26. Bahahahaha, I needed a good laugh, thanks!

    I was pretty bored seeing them in the store, so unless I see AWESOME swatches AND these fall on my lap (for free)I will pass.

  27. "A Turquoise shade your grandma will love" Hahaha!

    I agree. It is all boring. There are some good shades in there if you are starting out a collection, but otherwise, it's a waste of money.

  28. I completely agree with your thoughts on this collection. OPI has gotten lazy and are being way outdone by China Glaze, Zoya, etc.

  29. hey Anon- People OFTEN rip on Essie for the same thing...chillax

    This collection is "meh" for me too. Nothing grabbed me, not even a "sorbet" aka Jelly finish.

  30. @Annonymous- I never said EVERYONE agrees. Please tell me where I said that. If I didn't expect more from OPI I wouldnt be so disaponted. You will also notice I've never covered Essie, nor do I own any Essie because I think they are boring and overpriced. I love OPI and expect more from such a well- known brand. I expect edgier things from O.P.I I can get the classics from anyone and for a lot less $$.


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