Friday, February 25, 2011

Sinful Colors Gogo Girl 1950's Inspired

Oh happy day!

  This color surprised me in that I was expecting a Red creme and what I got was a beautiful Red jelly instead. I'm so in love with this Red right now! I had a 60's inspired watermarble, an 80's inspired zebra nail and today the color made me to go 1950's inspired with the decorations :). 
 Gogo Girl is an amazing Red jelly that applies very very easily. For my mani I used Three coats of color because being a jelly there was still some VNL at Two coats. I'm terrible at describing Red tones but my guess is that this is a warmer toned Red. Very pin- up girl like. It's very shiny and juicy looking. I was beyond ecstatic to see that it was a jelly because I think Red jellies are pretty much the hottest thing ever! Like I said I was inspired to go 50's with this one because I just love the combo of Red with White polka dots. The little flowers are sliced from one of the fimo canes I received from Born Pretty Store. I'm still practicing with those, it takes some patience and time to get the slices very thin but I find it fun and almost zen like lol. Overall, I'm loving the girliness of this mani and it makes me want to wear Red lips and a skirt  ;).

I've been doing era inspired manis lately, what are u into now?
<3 Cristina

SC Gogo Girl
Stamps: Konad White, OPI Off with her Red
Deco. BPS
Plate: BM19
TC: Seche Vite


  1. Love the fimo detail and the scheme!

    I can't wait til my canes come through from eBay, it feels like I've been waiting forever!!

  2. What exactly does "jelly" mean? This is a really cute mani!

  3. @desertbunnee- A jelly polish had a formula that looks like heavily pigmented clear coat that can build to opacity. Have you seen the new O.P.I Texas "Sorbet" finish? That is what a jelly looks like.

  4. Wow ! I can't stop looking at your nails, it's so beautiful.
    I really should get one of those konad plates.

  5. This definitely makes me want to pop on my favorite red polish, OPI's Big Apple Red. LOVE that colour, not too blue, not too orange, just perfect! :D

    It was my very first OPI polish too! I got it for 75% off in a London Drugs.

    I've been wearing a lot of "sexy underwear" inspired nails lately. Deep shimmery reds (think CG Heart Of Africa) with black lace and fishnet konads seem to be the trend for this week. I feel like my nails are rated NC17, yowza!


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