Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wet 'n' Wild Party of 5 Glitters v. Happy Birthday

Isn't glitter just awesome....

  Comedian Demetri Martin refers to glitter as the "Herpes of the Craft World" because once it's on you can't get it off.... I think that's pretty funny.. And kind of true haha....But I still love glitter and all things sparkly especially when it comes to nail polish!
  Here I have Party of Five Glitters layered over O.P.I Suzi skis... I cant tell you how many coats of Pof5G is because this was more of a dabbing style application. I'd say about Two heavy coats. I really like this polish but it's not an actual dupe of Lippman's Happy Birthday. They are very very close though and should kill a lemming if you are not too keen on that $18 Lippmann price tag. Pof5G is all hexagonal glitters, 3 different sizes. All the big glitters are Silver, medium glitters are Blue and Green and small glitters in Red and Purple. I really enjoy these types of glitter polishes because they are so much fun and so happy looking.

  Here is a pic of Lippmans Happy Birthday and Party of 5 Glitters together.
  As you can see Happy Birthday is a mix of Hexagonal and small square glitters. The hex glitters are Blue, Pink, Orange, Silver, Yellow and Green and there are small Dark Blue and Red glitters. This is a magnificent polish and a big splurge for me but I had to have it and really enjoy wearing it soo much! Anywho these are both great, fun glitters and I say Pof5G is great alternative to HB. At first glance, who can really tell the difference anyway?;-)

What do you lovelies think?
<3 Cristina

OPI Suzi Skis
Rimmerl Grey Matter
Wet'n'Wild Party of Five Glitters
DL Happy Bday


  1. I love multi sparkles! :) Not removing them though. :p I got something like this from Urban Outfitters, looking a lot like Lippmanns. But yeah, it's more of a dabbing style than actual coats. I find it hard to get it even when doing that and I still want Lippmanns... :p

  2. i think i like happy birthday better. i like the colors of the glitter better than the wet n wild glitter colors.

  3. I like Happy Birthday better.... Party of 5 reminds me of Christmas for some reason! lol

  4. I think i like Happy Birthday better. I like the mini multi-color flecks.
    But for the $18 pricetag i will pass.

  5. So I think both are lovely but the Happy Birthday is just SO special looking. Although I'm pretty sure the hubby would torture me slowly for paying $18 for a polish! He already thinks $10 is too much...maybe we will have to hide this price tag...haha!! :)

  6. I love it! :D I can't wait to get mine, it love gorgeous over that color :)

  7. omg, i'm loveing the nails. I'm crazy in love with nail polish too.LOL. Anyways, I'm one of ur newest follwer...please do the same :)

  8. I like them both!
    There is no major difference between them...


  9. @Soraya- In person they are quite a bit different but to me they are both great.

  10. I think i like Happy Birthday better. I like the mini multi-color flecks.
    But for the $18 pricetag i will pass.


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