Saturday, March 19, 2011

O.P.I Houston we have a Purple + Too Pink to Hold 'Em

Yeah that's right...

  I got two more colors from this collection... And I really like them. Ultimately it comes down to my love of jellies and my hatred of that $12.00 a single bottle of Nfu.Oh costs(+shipping.... bah...) lol. So, I jumped on these Two shades...
  Also funny little story about the day I got these... I was at my local Beauty Express (Like a Trade Secret) and they had a copy of the O.P.I 2011 Calendar, which I had the privilege to be a part of (month of December), on display. I mentioned to the girl that I was in the calendar and she looked for my picture, had me sign it and wrote down my site on the calendar. And that was my Two minutes of polish fame! hahaha! Here we go with some color!!

Houston we have a Purple is the "standout" of the jellies IMO. The tone is like delicious grape juice and so shiny. If I were to pick only one color to buy from this whole collection, this would be it. The formula on these is amazing and sooo smooth. My only issue is I can't get it to wrap around the tips. For these pictures I used Three coats of color.

Too Pink to Hold 'Em is the lighter but bright Pink jelly. This is an awesome color and it makes my nails look like little hard candies. This is a great color for Summer! This was also Three coats of color.
  These are shiny, flattering and cute for Summer (I don't see Spring when I look at these) and I can't wait for some Florida heat. I know a lot of you are probably thinking I'm crazy right now but I enjoy the warmth. So, anywho I think I wanna do a cool gradient with the three colors I own. I've seen two Blogs do this (HERE) and (HERE) and I just have to give it a shot someday!

Thoughts on these Two?
<3 Cristina

OPI Houston we have a Purple
OPI Too Pink to Hold 'em