Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Swatchy Spam!

Hello lovelies!!

  Today I have more spam! I've been doing a lot of swatching lately because A) It's fun sometimes lol. B) I have a lot of time to kill. C) I have a lot of colors to try and finally D) I am soooooo stuck in a creative Black Hole at the moment :(.
   Also, the giveaway is now closed! A big Thank you to all the lovelies who participated, tweeted,facebooked and blogged!! I was celebrating 500 Followers and thanks to all of you a WHOLE lot of new lovelies have found their way to LTHP!! I hope you all continue to visit and enjoy this site as much as I enjoy and love working on it for you, my wonderful readers! I will be announcing the winner very soon so stay tuned for that! SO! Onto so polish!

How I Met your Magenta is an awesome Magenta base with a subtle Golden micro-shimmer. I didn't realize there was a Golden shimmer in this until I started applying it. The formula is a bit sheer but easy to work with. At Three coats I had a little of VNL but it wasn't noticeable at all.

This is w/o Top Coat. Dries to a cool Satin Finish!

Gray's Anatomy is apparently a pretty close dupe of Lippmann's Wicked Games. This color is basically a light Grey shimmer with a slight Purple/ Green/ Pink duochrome. It's pretty and ethereal. The formula is a little runny and sheer. This is Three coats and the only decent picture I managed to take. Sorry it' so crappy lol.

Caribbean Frost made me cringe when I read the name. Anything with the word "frost" in it worries me... And then I put it on.. And then I couldn't stop staring. It's not actually frosty, just shimmery. This is a gorgeous Turquoise shimmer with a light Green/ Blue duochrome flash that gives this color amazing depth. This is two effortless coats.

Night Prowl is an awesome Black Base with a fine Purple glitter packed in it. This is similar to ChG Mummy may I? but the glitter in this is much smaller. This is Two coats of awesomeness. This is w/o a top coat so as you can see it does need one to prevent a gritty finish.

This is Essence Movie Star. This is your basic concrete Grey creme. As I've come to expect from these tiny polishes, the formula was flawless and so easy to apply. My regular readers know I can't get enough Grey and this is an excellent one to have. I'll be doing some Grey creme comparisons soon. I have a few .

Last Chance...Oh Last Chance how I love thee... This is amazing. Dark Hunter Green creme, amazing and totally unique in my collection. I don't have anything close to this color and I absolutely love it. The formula bordered on jelly- like so it was a dream to apply and opaque in Two coats.

And here is the amazing Milani Gold FX. Awesome Bright Gold hex glitters! This one was a bit tricky but as you can see it can be worn on its own. This is about Three coats. It is hard to judge coats because I had to apply it in somewhat of a dabbing motion since the glitter kept wanting to go toward the tips. I cannot wait to play with layering this! 

Sorry for the randomness haha! Do you enjoy these types of posts?
<3 Cristina


  1. omg, wnw Night Prowl. i had swatched it last year, and it was really crappy. and now, looking at your swatches... its making want to go pick it up! ahhhk! its sooo pretty! and sc Last Chance. it looks better on your nails, vs in the bottle. i think im going to look for that too. :D love your post <333

  2. I LOVE these spam posts. Gives a newbie like me great ideas for new polishes. I am loving that hunter green. Beauty!!

  3. I need How I met your magenta! I love shimmery pinks, but gold shimmer is my absolute favorite.
    Great swatches. That sinful is gorgeous!

  4. I do! I enjoy them a lot porque me dan una idea de como se ven y cuales me gustaria comprar ;) beautiful swatches.

  5. I love the look of the Milani gold hex glitter, was it a pain to try and get an even coverage?

  6. I have Gray's Anatomy and there is no way I could make it look anything like that. and I totally understand the feeling of being in a design rut! Sometimes I stalk Deniz (Emerald Sparkled's) Blog, cause she has great konad designs!

  7. Movie Star is delightful! Really lovely. I like the swatch posts yes!

  8. I love these posts! That Sinful green is amazing. I don't think I've ever seen it. I'm not usually a green fan, but that one is great!

  9. random posts are good, it exposes readers to new colors and brands :) good job! and omg glitter!

  10. LOVING How I Met Your Magenta and Last Chance! Definitely need to add those to my collection. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Ugh, I must have been at the drugstore buying nail polish as you were posting this...if I would have seen your pics pics of "How I met Magenta" BEFORE I left, I wouldn't have to stop again on my way home. It's gorgeous!

  12. Love these kinds of posts, don't stop :)

  13. How I Met Your Magenta went on really crappy for me! This is making me think that the bottle I used was crappy because there was major VNL at four coats and it never dried.
    I love the look of Night Prowl in pictures but I thought in reality it was kind of dull. It is also really gritty and chipped super fast on me. I'm gonna have to find that Sinful now. Its gorgeous!!

  14. Hey, i was wondering what you use to make your nails have such an intense like glossy shine to them! they always look so nice

  15. @Alyssa- I use Seche Vite as a top coat. That stuff is beyon amazing!

  16. Eeeek, grey creme comparisons!

    I looooove me some grey cremes.

    Soft sophisticated sexy.

    (Hooray for alliteration!)

    Really digging Night Prowl. I've passed it over in the store a few times, now I think I'll have to take another look. ;)

  17. Your nails look good in anything! =)

    I have Night Prowl too. I usually layer it over black to save it. It loses only a tiny bit of depth but it comes off so much easier.

    I have Milani gold hex too. I LOVE it! I really wish I could get the silver hex too. I saw on a blog post she layered gold hex over navy and then mattified it. Looked gorgeous! I might have the picture saved if you want.

  18. I LOVE these spam posts. Gives a newbie like me great ideas for new polishes. I am loving that hunter green. Beauty!!


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