Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review: Zoya Remove +

Hello lovelies,

  I have a short review/ recommendation for you all today.

The Blurb: "ZOYA Remove + does it all! Mild acetone formula moisturizes, nourishes and helps to fortify the nail plate while removing all traces of exising nail lacquer without stipping, streaking or staining."
  Remove + is amazing stuff. It has no fumes whatsoever. It actually has a light, pleasant and clean scent which is very nice. In the picture above I had just removed my nail polish (Bettina Cotton Candy stamped w/ CG Little Drummer Boy and had not washed my hands or done any actual "manicuring" yet. As you can see it is not drying or harsh at all. It takes so little product to remove all 10 nails that a bottle will last a looong time. I have also noticed that my nails have started clearing up quite nicely as I had a slight bit of staining. My cuticles loooove this stuff too. They always looks smooth and hydrated, even immediately after removing polish. Remove + is excellent if you have issues with dry or sensitive skin, like I do. 
   Now, like most of you probably think, all nail polish remover is the same. WRONG! I got a little 2oz bottle of Remove + as a free gift when I ordered my Intimate Collection and that little bottle was enough for me to know that I needed to spend the money on the large bottle. The product featured here (which is their pump bottle of Remove +) was sent to me by Zoya but prior to me receiving that package I had purchased a 32oz. bottle on my own because I knew I wanted/needed it. So this, is very unbiased review. I did spend the money on it initially. Let me tell you, SOOOOOO worth it. Most of you can rationalize spending $18.00 plus dollars on a bottle of nail polish anyways, so spend the money and pamper your hands even more! Remove + is absolutely a part or my Epic WIN tab even though it's not a polish simply because it's an amazing product that really delivers on it's claims and that's always great!

 I also wanted to show you this. I can't normally comment on the wear of my polishes because I don't wear them for more than a day or so at most but this mani I really loved and managed to wear for a few days with great results. This picture was taken after Three and a Half days of wear. During these Three days I did dishes, washed and blow dried my hair twice and filed my nails down while wearing this design. I'm not exactly watching out for my nails all the time lol. This wore like Iron! Not a chip, not even tip wear, even after filing my nails down and not adding any additional top coat.

Have any of you tried Remove +? Thoughts? Giveaway?
<3 Cristina


  1. i haven't tried Remove+ yet but i hope to...i was thinking i might get a couple bottles of it for Zoya Exchange if they have it this year!

  2. Remove + is amazing!! I ordered it during the three free polishes promotion and totally love it. The best part is that it does not stink :)

  3. Yes! That's the best for me too. I've tried Nubar (the worstest for now), Sephora (not so bad after all), Sally Hansen(so-so), Orly(just good), Chanel (smells great, works good, but the price...), OPI (that's probably the second on the list, but also the price..), and still ZOYA is the best. Have to order it from Ebay, we don't have this brand, but I'm better wait the order than use anything else...


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