Wednesday, March 2, 2011

(some) China Glaze Tronica Swatches

I say some because out of 12 colors...

  I only needed Three. I'm really happy that China Glaze released this collection since I missed out on the OMG Collection. I know a lot of hardcore holo fans were disappointed but for those of us who missed out on OMG, Tronica should kill those lemmings. I've read that the Tronicas have better formulas/ wear than OMG but less of a linear holo effect. This is true, but does not take away from the fact that these are awesome and I'm very happy to have them!
  Sorry I don't have Sunlight pics, it was soo cloudy today :(. However, the flash pictures show the effect well. I suggest clicking the pics for better detail. Also I had a mishap while doing the dishes. No broken nails but a scrape on my middle finger right by my nail. Pics will have some blurring in coming posts :(.

  First up, Virtual Violet is the more vivid of the Two Purples in the collection. The formula for this was excellent. I only needed Two coats of color for full coverage and a strong holo effect. I believe this is comparable to OMG Collection LOL.
Click for detail

Techno Teal is probably my favorite of the Three. This one is a true Teal holo that I did not want to take off. The formula for Techo Teal is amazing and also a Two- coater. This is comparable to OMG DV8  I believe.
Click for Detail

Electra Magenta is the absolutely gorgeous cool toned Pink in the collection. I say Pink because that is what I see lol, I do no see Magenta. Beautiful either ways, this one had an excellent two- coat formula as well. This one is comparable to OMG BFF.
Click for Detail
   I am absolutely in awe of the formula on these. They are smooth, even, fluid and pigmented like it's no ones biz. If I had a steadier hand I would've gotten away with one coat of color for all Three. The only OMG Collection color I own is OMG(3 coater/ chips easy) which has a very linear effect. Yes, the holo effect is not as strong on these, but it is still stronger than our other options of holo polishes, which are not that many. So a big thank you to China Glaze for giving us what we have been driving everyone crazy about!!! More Holos!!

Will you be picking up any Tronica polishes? But more importantly have you entered My Giveaway? lol
<3 Cristina

CG Virtual Violet
CG Techno Teal
CG Electra Magenta


  1. I plan on picking up a good few of these, as I missed out on OMG as well. I only have 2nite and IDK, that I got on eBay. My sister is taking me to cosmoprof for my birthday in 2 weeks, so I'll be getting them then! Thanks for the swatches... as always, yours are the best I've seen!

  2. I'm very happy with this collection too.
    I just think that CG could have come up with different colors this time..
    But I think I'm going to grab Techno Teal or hunt DV8 on ebay!


  3. omg great pictures,I really like this colour! to bad I can't buy them any places :(

  4. I won't be getting any, since they're not available here. Must say I'm not too thrilled about them either.

  5. all three of these are pretty. i saw the entire collection at sally's the other day, but i made myself walk away.

  6. ohmygoodness! That Virtual Violet is to die for!

  7. The Virtual Violet is a must have =)

  8. I love how the pictures came out, I am so excited to have these. I p0uton techno teal and I didn't want to take it off lol.

  9. Even though I prefer OMGs and have most of those, I still wanted to get a full set of these. I managed to get 10 out of 12. Still working on the last 2.

    Glad to hear that the wear is better.

  10. I've been pestering my local Sally's about this (and the elusive crackle collection) to the point that they know my phone number off by heart. I think the ladies there have gone from adoring me to tolerating me. >_>;;

    I was a bit disappointed when I initially started seeing swatches of this collection. "That's it? Hmmm." came to mind. But you're exactly right, Christina, there aren't many options for holo polishes, so let's get while the gettins good.

    BUT I STILL WISH I COULD GET MY HANDS ON A BUTTER LONDON "ALL HAIL MCQUEEN" ugh. That colour just drives me batty, I don't know why. You'd think I'd like OPIs "Opening Night Gold" better, but I don't. I want that McQueen.

    < /end rant >

  11. @Heaidi- I just gave my Sally's my number and the girls call me whenever something new comes in. They are fans of the site lol. I looove ur rant haha! I've seen that Butter and its amaaazing!

  12. I think it's the little kid in me that thinks if I ask a million times, Santa will come one day sooner. ;) <3


  13. I just picked up Techno and Virtual tonight! I know people have been complaining about the lack of holo in them, but honestly I just think the colors themselves are so pretty, plus they look nice and pigmented. Can't wait to try them!

  14. have you tried virtual violet v. c-c-c-courage? I wonder how similar they are.

  15. So we got the Tronica collection in at my Sally's, but by the time I got there they only had about five colours left. I picked up 3d Fantasy, Digital Dawn, Electra Magenta and Cyberspace.

    I was completely floored at how pretty Cyberspace is. I thought it was the least appealing of the whole collection. It goes on much lighter than the bottle might allude to, and has none of the gross yellowy gold tones or some brown tones that I've seen in some swatches. This one is probably the most subjective to lighting/camera conditions.

    It's oddly enough a much more holographic stab at that Butter London McQueen shade we were talking about earlier. Kind've like McQueen's cousin that could be seen leading a gay pride parade, while McQueen would be in the background designing all the costumes and orchestrating the entire thing.

  16. I totally forgot you posted this and went to Sally's tonight. The only other holo I own is OPI's DS Glamour and I'm addicted. So, when I saw a few of the Tronica's left in my Sally's, I snatched Electra Magenta up. I'm so glad I did!

  17. I'm so excited I picked up 7 of these at Sally's and now I can't make up my mind which one to start with lol =)

  18. I want these badly but can't find them in new zealand :( grrr! lucky girl!


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