Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stash Spam.. Again!


  I know I just posted stash pictures very recently but very soon after that post my collection grew quite a bit and I am now up to Five polish racks!

So here we go!
Drugstore and Randoms, 60 Bottle Rack
Icing, Savina,Sephora Finger Paints and Bettina
Essence, OPI Minis, China Glaze
O.P.I and Orly
All together now!
And there you have it! The updated. for a while now, polish room! Yay! Pics are clickable :)!

Yay for polish rooms and Mr. LTHP was awesome and mounted my racks!


  1. Great setup and amazing stash! I love how you're able to look at all your pretties! :)

  2. I just love looking at stash pics, I hope to have one like this someday! Love the way you've sorted all the polishes by brand and colour :)

  3. I love it I have alot of polishes where did you get those rack and how much did they cost?

  4. The racks are so cute, like rainbows! If I had more wall space this would be how I would store my collection. But,seeing I have zero wall space I guess I will have to get a helmer.:P

  5. I love stash pictures, makes me see different kinds of polish's I want haha

  6. Oh I loooove this!! I have 2 full racks just like yours...thinking of ordering another one...maybe 2 more...Love your setup too! Gorgeous!! :-)

  7. Your Bettina collection has blossomed in the last few weeks! :D

    Question: What Zoya colour is on the very far left of the second row down? Me likey.

  8. SO jealous! Where oh where do you get your racks?


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