Thursday, March 10, 2011

Surprise Truffle Cameo!! Zoya Bela

Hello lovelies!! Surpriseee!!!! Well a little one anyways :)

  So, the second I mentioned we had added a new kitty to the family many of you suggested on here, FB and Twitter that I give Truffle a day. Well ask and you shall receive! Truffle will be making random cameos here on LTHP starting today! For her this week she chose the delicate Zoya Bela.
I had issues with the Bow stamp lol. Still getting the hang of those.
Kinda wish I had done all my nails like my ring finger haha!
  Zoya's Bela is the most beautiful shade of Ballerina slipper Pink. I am madly in love with the texture of this polish as it borders on being a jelly. The formula is absolute perfection as I've come to expect from Zoya. This is a bit sheer so it does need to be built up. For the pictures I used Three coats of color. I must say at Two coats it was a lovely flush of color and VNL was minor. This has a very intense shine but adding a coat of SV made the color look squishy and delicious! I'm really happy this soft Pink is a part of my collection as I believe these types of colors are absolute staples!

What is a color that should be a part of every one's collection? 
<3 Cristina

Zoya Bela
Stamp: Konad Black SP
Beads and Stone: Born Pretty Store
Plate: M77
TCL Seche Vite

(**The Zoya lacquer featured in this post was provided by Zoya for consideration**)


  1. Beautiful!
    Looks so elegant and classy.

  2. I loooove your Konad stamps! So cute! :D
    Also, I think I need this polish now, even if I have countless pink cremes already. ;)

  3. That is one seriously girly manicure! :-) I really do love Bela.

    I think even those of the non-lacquer-obsessed persuasion must have a girly girly pink, a nude, a classic red and one "funky" color.

  4. Yeay! Truffle!! Good choice. Muffin must be teaching her how it's done. Beautiful color.

  5. What a cutie!!!!
    And I'm in love with your mani!!

  6. thats absolutely gorgeous :D and congrats on the kitten she's lovely :D and has good taste in polish :D:D

  7. Beautiful polish and, even more importantly, beautiful kitty. :)

  8. Truffle is just amazing! Oh, and your nails are divine too - but I'm so about the kitteh on this post! lol

  9. Yay Truffle!! Your first debut!! I love her!

    And cute mani, especially the ring finger like you said.

  10. Welcome Truffle!

    And how you changed my mind about my need of this polish.. It went straight on my wishlist!

  11. Eeeeeek! Bela~! I'm sooooo happy Truffle picked this one, I've been DYING to see it on you. I'm so excited to see what types of tastes Truffle develops in polish ;D

    Muuuuust have. Your nails look soooooo shiny.

    I just did a Konad order this last week and I was on the fence about getting m77 (because I'm totally broke), and I opted out of it. Regretting that decision now, it's such a pretty girly plate.

    :D Hooray for Truffle Thursdays!

  12. @Heidi- M77 has turned into one of my favorite plates! The designs on it are just too cute and perfect for Spring. I'm gaga over Bela. I want Truffle to be my Pink kitty and Muffin my Blue Kitty lol!

  13. Aww cute choice Truffle :) loving the soft pink and black together.

  14. This is the most beautiful pink polish I've ever seen! And I'm a pink-lover :D How I wish I could find Zoya varnish where I live...well, this mani is simply amazing, well done ;)
    btw you have a beautiful blog, I'll absolutely follow you!
    Have a nice day!

  15. Yeah Truffle Thursday!!
    The cat is distracting me from the nail polish lol

  16. awesome choise!! your cats know about nail lol!

  17. Gorgeous mani... Love that pink!

  18. This is really pretty(: Love your stamping too, it's amazing ^_^

  19. It's a prettier pink than I thought it was!

  20. How do you make your cats choose? What do you do? Line them up and drop them down and wait? Some kind of mysterious cat communication? Hahah

    So cute :) And the manicure is beautiful, I love the bows and the accent mani

  21. This is really pretty(: Love your stamping too, it's amazing ^_^

  22. Truffle is just amazing! Oh, and your nails are divine too - but I'm so about the kitteh on this post! lol


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