Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chris' Challenge Tag!

Hello peeps!

  Today I will be showing you a crazy mani I had to do with Three colors that should never go together lol. Why did I do this you ask? Well the awesome Chris from Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes decided she was bored with the same 'ol tags and she came up with her own fun, awesome tag. 

Here are the Rules:
1. Go to your lacquer stash
2. CLOSE your eyes and pull 3 random items - JUST 3
3. Create a mani from them
4. Post your mani when you post the tag
5. Tag 3 bloggers

I was tagged by the lovely Elizabeth from Life and Polish. So, what I did was I closed my eyes and spun around and started pulling polishes from my racks and throwing them on the ground. Then I kept my eyes closed and picked Three colors from what I had thrown on the ground. I ended up with O.P.I Teasy Does It, China Glaze Innocence and Orly's It's up to Blue.... Oh Lawd....
So I know I kinda took the easy way out but I was honestly stuck with the Three colors I got haha. It was all good until I saw that I had to incorporate Orly's It's up to Blue! 

 Just for fun here is a pic of Innocence before I added the decorations.

So now I have to tag Three bloggers. This tag has been going around so I'm sorry if you've already been tagged.

I Tag:

Good Luck Ladies!


  1. ZOMG! You totally rocked the challenge. This is awesome! EXCELLENT!

  2. Wow, you did a great job with this! :)

  3. This is SO nice. I hate you. Mine is SO UGLY. So glad you did this challenge girl! <3

  4. I love those colours together! Blue and brown is always win imo!
    This looks so much fun. I'll do it a.s.a.p. but I don't have access to my stash at the mo :(


  5. I really like the results.
    Thank you for tagging me.

  6. The results look amazing! I would have never guessed that you picked these at random.

  7. this is cute! i hope someone tags me with this!

  8. Whaaaaat!! That looks awesome!! Great job!

  9. You did VERY well! It's sort of an ART DECO look. :)

  10. Whaaat!!? Thats crazy that you randomly picked these, they look so good together!!

  11. This looks SO chic! Great job considering what you had to work with! :)

    The colour combo makes me want to put on my trusty orange liesure suit, comb my mustache and take my trans am down to the local discothèque.



  12. i agree i think you did such a good job this is so fun love it

  13. What a fun tag ^_^
    -great mani with the jumble of polishes you had lol

  14. This is so simple but yet so pretty (:

  15. Oh but you did really good! :)) I now I'm gonna have to buy Innocence too I think. ;)

  16. Nice! I love what you did with the polishes.

  17. you know, I have been hitting a wall with ideas for my nails...I think I am going to start doing something like this weekly, if not twice weekly. Pull out 2 colors of each drawer, (which there are 6 of) then mix them up and pull out 2-3 from those. yeah, I'm gonna do this tonight.

  18. Whaaaaat!! That looks awesome!! Great job!

  19. ZOMG! You totally rocked the challenge. This is awesome! EXCELLENT!


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