Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swap with Gilded Nails ♥ + Essie Demure Vixen


  I'm so excited about this swap! This bundle of awesome came to me all the way from Australia thanks for the lovely Carina from Gilded Nails. This was my first international swap so I was super stoked to see what international pretties would come my way. I left the choices entirely up to Carina who picked me some beautiful and unique colors.

  She also included for me some Aussie goodies (I've already had a caramel Koala which was super yum!), a pretty nail file and some M.A.C pigments. I'm super excited about the pigments because I've never tried ANY M.A.C makeup.
And there you have it!! Look at them goodies! Why is that a bottle of Kaleidoscope Him Out and Wagon Trail by China Glaze there? Why, YES! Yes it is! Can you believe her? She also sent me two of the BYS polishes from the Alice in Wonderland Collection they did which had some incredible glitters.

So why did I choose to start with Essie's Demure Vixen when all these new and International goodies were waiting for me? I had literally been pondering buying Demure Vixen the same day the package came so I figured it was fate and decided to wear it first. 

 Demure Vixen is one of those lovely Mauve-y/ Taupey- Violet shades we love so much but toned waaay down. I am so madly in love with this color. It's soft and delicate but present. As in the color does not get washed out by skin tone or visa-versa. The formula was great. For this I used Three coats of Demure Vixen. This is also my very first Essie I've ever tried. I liked it.
And how cute is it with the swirly stamp? This is the first mani I've done in a while that I loooved. I love the simplicity and cleanliness of it. I am so into these Nude shades lately and this one really does it for me! 

A big Thank you to Carina again. I almost cried tears of joy as I was unwrapping each little bottle.
<3 Cristina

Essie Demure Vixen
Stamp: SH Color Quick Chrome Pen in Pink Chrome
Plate: BM201
TC: Seche Vite 


  1. I use Bundle Monster and Konad plates. This came from the new BM plates.

  2. is that ulta3 pacific fever i spy? if so, please swatch and compare it! i saw swatches of it a few weeks ago and loved it, but it seems like it could be similar to a bunch of other polishes.
    jealous of your awesome swap!

  3. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! Feels like I've been waiting FOREVER for this post!! :D Looooove you two, you're my faaaaavorites. <3

    Have fun with the MAC stuff, my sister works for them and my entire makeup library is MAC. Love. Their. Products.

    Are you maybe gonna franken some of those pigments? :o GASP! lol

  4. @Rebecca- It sure is! It is amazing! I'll have to see what I have that comes close. I dont think I have anything :( but we'll see.

    @Heidi- I was so excited to get it before my trip! Now I can share the goodies with the hubs!

  5. Mmm Tim Tams DOUBLE COAT ♥ And Cherry Ripe and Caramello Koala ;_; omg it makes me miss home! I always ask my mum to send me Tim Tams.. if you're a chocolate lover, they are the cookie for you. What a generous swap! Demure Vixen looks lovely on you and your stamping is perfect as always :) Love it!

  6. im a newbie at stamping, having trouble with the image not going on the stamp. someone suggested to buff the stamp because it's too slick, it helped a little bit but some of the image isn't going on the stamp. what am i doing wrong? any suggestions? thanks and i love all your mani's!

  7. OOOOO great swap goodies.
    Cute mani, yes the swirls are very cute ^_^

  8. ^^ I agree its so cute! I'm also really into the nude shades lately :) must be something about spring and the clean simple elegance of a nude shade :D
    the swirls match it perfectly :D

  9. The mani looks great! So elegant and feminine ^^

  10. The mani looks great! So elegant and feminine ^^

  11. It's called Demure VUX girly ;-). I love your mani, where did you get the stamp?


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