Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zoya Summertime Collection

Hello lovely ladies (and boys),

  Today I will be showing you my swatches of the Summertime portion of Zoya's Summer Collections. These are the creme shades. If any of you  would like to see actual comparison against my found [Dupes] please let me know and I will do them. Also, sorry I had to swatch these on my nubbins :( Onto the pictures!

This is the lovely Breezi, a beautiful shade of Cerulean Blue creme. I am really liking this one a lot! While similar to OPI's Suzi says Feng Shui, Breezi is slightly more vibrant. The formula is amazing, but who is worried about the formula on a Zoya anyways?! This is Two coats of awesome!

This is the lovely Mira. This one is a medium Blue-Toned Purple creme. Once again the formula is perfection. This is two coats.

Sooki. Oh Sooki.... Ladies, say hello to my new favorite Red. This is a bright Cherry Red creme. The best Red creme I have ever worn. I love this for the simple Reason that it does not lean Orange or any other color but RED! Perfect 50's Pin Up Girl Color! The formula is perfection. This is Two coats.

This is Areej.  A pretty dusty Mauve-y Pink creme. This colos is very flattering and easy on the eyes.... The formula is great, a solid Two coater.

Kieko is a Red toned Purple creme with a slight dustiness to it. Yet another flattering, beautiful shade and a solid Two coater.

And last but not least is Tamsen. She is a Brick Red creme with an amazing formula. I really ended up liking this color a lot. This is two coats.

  So overall, this collection is beautiful and the colors compliment each other so well. The only issue I have is, well, you've seen my dupe post. While the colors are stunning and have a formula that only Zoya could have the shades are not very unique. Girls with a very extensive collection may feel as though the have seen these shades before. I'd say my favorite shades from this group are Breezi, Tamsen and Sooki. Who would have thought my faves would be the Two Reds?! I couldn't help myself though they really are amazing shades of Red and Sooki especially because she is unique in my collection and so juicy looking! Also, all these swatches were all done without a base or top coat so as you can see the Zoya formula just cannot be beat.

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Thoughts on this collection?


  1. yes please to the dupe comparison! i have held off on the non-reds because i think they are dupey, but i'd like to see to be sure! :)

  2. I NEED Breezi and Mira!! So pretty even if there are dupes. I'd like to see a dupe comparison as well!

  3. I love this collection, I really want these polishes!Such. Pretty. Colors. Must. Have...

  4. Great swatches. Your nails look amazing!


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