Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zoya Sunshine Collection

Good Morning (again :)

  This time I have the Sunshine portion of Zoya's Summer Collection. This half consists of Six gorgeous glassfleck shimmers in beautiful, rich shades for the Summer Season.I was super excited to swatch these beauties because no one does shimmers like the Fairies at Zoya.

  First is my very favorite from this half, Tanzy. She is an amazing Tangerine Orange shimmer with a Golden duochrome. This color is juicy, bright and shimmery. In other words, everything a Summer color should be! I am really getting into Orange! This is Three coats.

 Below is Reva. This color is so rich and amazing! This one is a beautiful dark Raspberry shimmer with a Golden duochrome. This was the most saturated of the Six colors. My regular readers know I have a huge thing for Berry tones and this one quickly became one of my favorites. This is Two coats.

 This is my second favorite from this collection. This is the amazing Faye. She is a lovely Plum shimmer with a Golden duochrome. This shade is lovely and seems to light up from beneath. I couldn't put into words how stunning this is in person.  This is Three coats. I knew I'd love this color from the second the promo pics started coming out and it did not disappoint.

 Apple. I love apples as a fruit... but not as a name lol... That being said this color is amazing! Apple is an amazing Lime Green shimmer. This is the only one of the colors in this collection that doesn't have a strong Golden shimmer throughout but it does still have a certain warmth about it. This color was also the sheerest of the group. To achieve the color you see below I used Four coats.

 This is the pretty Rica. She is a pretty Coral-y Pink with a strong Golden duochrome This is my Third favorite shockingly. I wasn't expecting to love this as much as I did but this one of those colors that just has to be seen on the nail. This is so flattering against my skin tone that just for that I have to love it! :) This is Three coats.

 This is Kimmy. This color is so intense and fiery! She is a very , very pigmented Red shimmer with a slight Golden duochrome throughout. Again I love this against my skin tone. I swear I'm not an ego-maniacal freak, I'm just self- aware of my pale skin and how color looks against it so when a certain color looks really good, I make a note of it lol. This color really surprised me because in the bottle it just looks like another Red shimmer, but this is really spectacular. This was Two coats.

Overall, I am in love with this half of the Summer Collections. Zoya does these glassfleck shimmers like no ones business. I love the Golden duochrome that runs through all these colors that gives them such warmth and make them Summer perfection. Let me get a little poetic, it's like they took a little bit of Sunlight and put it on each color (Gaaag lol). My top Three have to be Faye, Tanzy and Rica. I will say that I am ready to see Zoya do some cooler tones in this finish, more Blues and Purples maybe? All Six colors have that typical amazing Zoya formula but they are a bit on the sheer side. For safe measure I'd say these are all solid Three coaters. These swatches were done without a base or top coat. While the formula is sheer, it is easy to work with and dries fairly fast.
I am so glad that the fairies dropped these at my door to show you guys because they are STUNNING and I'm still cleaning the droll from my table. Summer shades have quickly become some of my favorites!

Who do you love?!

(**The Zoya colors featured were sent by Zoya for Review**)


  1. i recently won Faye in a giveaway and your swatches make me excited for it!!

  2. Great swatches! I love all of these, but I especially love Rica and Faye!

  3. Oh man, I didn't pick up any of the shimmers, but I really love Tanzy and Rica! Such wonderful summer shades!

  4. I like these colors, especially Apple the most since it's an green apple shimmer!

  5. Tanzy and Faye are incredible!!

  6. Rica is my favorite! I cannot wait to wear it, she's GORGEOUS.

  7. Lovely swatches - your pictures look amazing, as well as your nails! I was wondering, is Trixie or Faye any similar to Nicole OPI's Coral Denominator (I think it's from the Justin Beiber's collection)?

    If either one is, I will skip and just buy one :) Thank you!

  8. Rica is my favorite! I cannot wait to wear it, she's GORGEOUS.

  9. Oh man, I didn't pick up any of the shimmers, but I really love Tanzy and Rica! Such wonderful summer shades!

  10. Tanzy and Faye are incredible!!


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