Saturday, May 14, 2011

O.P.I Brights: Pirates of the Caribbean Collection Swatches

Hi lovelies,

  Just a quick second post today with my final thoughts on the whole collection and all the colors together. I hope you guys enjoyed my PIrate's mani series. These colors were a blast to play around with. Here they are all together.
On Stranger Tides

Steady as she Rose

Sparrow me the Drama

Skull and Glossbones

Mermaid's Tears

 Planks a Lot
  So many of you know my initial reaction to this collection was not the best one. I was sad the colors were not vampier and more "Pirate-y". My disappointment subsided as soon as I was able to see these colors outside of setting where a salesgirl wasn't asking me if I needed help every five minutes lol. I have a soft spot for muted and murky colors and once I was able to see that ALL these colors fit that bill I was in love. O.P.I has this ability to make colors that creep up on me and I always end up loving what they do. The formula on all of this colors is beyond amazing. Even though they are soft "pastel- like" colors the formula did not reflect that at all with how smooth and consistent it was. I have to say my top Three are definitely On Stranger Tides, Steady as She Rose and Mermaids Tears. Of course, Silver Shatter is an absolute must have as well. I will say that now I am super excited for the movie to come out and wear an awesome mani with the awesome colors from this great collection! EPIC Win!

What are your favorites from this collection?
<3 Cristina

(** The O.P.I Pirates of the caribbean Collection was sent by OPI for review**)


  1. I bought Stranger Tides, Sparrow Me the Drama, and Mermaid Tears along with Silver Shatter. My favorite manicure that you did has to be the mermaid tail one, thanks for inspiring me to do more with these colors than just stick shatter over them!

  2. Love the mermaid's tears nail art!

  3. THey're not pirate-y but they work. They're pretty versatile I found out. :)

  4. Tagged ya for an award at my blog btw. :)

  5. Thank you so much for posting all of these, Pirates Week was awesome!! I loved it so much!! All of the mani's were stunning and super original. I loved all of them.

    Again, I really enjoyed Pirates week. It was super amazing <3

  6. Mermaid's Tears is my favorite! Absolutely;y gorgeous/

  7. Oh if only pirate week could last forever.....

  8. My god you are so talented ! Excellent job! Kuddos!!!

  9. I bought 4 of this collection (and silver shatter) and my absolute favorite is Skull & Glossbones. I was wondering what color did you use to stamp the skulls on it? Thanks!

  10. Love the Mermaid mani! You are very talented :)

  11. My god you are so talented ! Excellent job! Kuddos!!!

  12. THey're not pirate-y but they work. They're pretty versatile I found out. :)


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