Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pink Wednesday!! Color Club Jackie Oh! and O.P.I Navy Shatter

Holy smokes!

  Ready for a lame joke? I have a much better name for this color. Jackie Ouch! Because it hurts my eyes to look at it it's so freaking bright. Of course my camera did not like this at all but I tried my best.

Jackie Oh! is so bright it puts my CG Shocking Pink to shame. This first picture is the closest to tone accurate. It is a really pretty neon Pink tone.It is a true hot Pink. About 100 times brighter than the picture makes it look. Here I layered it over one coat of CG White on White and it kind of brought out a bit of an orange tone in the color. The formula is really good on this. It is not draggy or streaky at all. Next time I wear this I will not layer it over white. Here I have it with one coat if W'n'W Kaleidoscope over Jackie Oh!.

And here is the whole thing under Navy Shatter from O.P.I. I freaking love this so much. I especially love how the sparkle peeks through the squishy jelly shatter. I'm also really loving the contrast of the Navy with the hot, hot neon Pink. Oh! And using SV with Navy Shatter did not cause the same wrinkle issue I had with O.P.I RapiDry top coat.
Someday they will make a camera that can tolerate neons lol and that day shall be glorious but until then take my word on this: If you love neon and Pink, then Jackie Oh! is a color to have in your collection. The formula is great and the color is even better! 

Happy Pink Wednesday!
<3 Cristina

(** O.P.I Navy Shatter sent for review**)


  1. i love the sparkles peeking through!

    my camera seems to like neons... i wonder if it would like this one.

  2. I love that Navy on that Pink very pretty!

  3. very very pretty and ohh so cute nice job!!!!

  4. I LOVE the Navy crackle over the hot pink! This is so cute!

  5. Very very pretty :D <3 I love the shatter over it.

  6. very very pretty and ohh so cute nice job!!!!


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