Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zoya Stacy Revisited

Hi loves!!!

  So since I have some serious nubs going on I decided that instead of swatching my pretty new colors on my short ugly nubs that I would save them until the nubs grow out and show you guys some of my older colors instead. Today I decided to wear Zoya's Stacy because I love vampy shades on short nails.
   Also, I'm playing around with my lightbox. It is not going as well I was expecting because I cannot get the lighting right. I'm having to make do with what I have and the pics are not 100% to my liking but I hope you guys will still enjoy them and bear with me while I figure out the stupid lightbox.
 I have shown you guys Stacy before, it was my very first FAIL post lol. Not because of the color but because my attempted nail art sucked majorly lol. Stacy is a lovely vampy Burgundy creme with some slight Plummy undertones. The formula on this one is not your typical Zoya creme formula. This one is a bit runny and hard to control IMO. I needed Three coats to get it to even out. Once this color is on and you get the hang of it it's so freaking beautiful. This color is rich, classy and super lady-like - All the things I am not loool! Maybe that's why I don't wear it more often. I have to be in a mood for this color and my short nails were definitely calling for Stacy today.

What do you guys wear when u have nubs going on?
<3 Cristina

Zoya Stacy
Stamp: Essence Just in case
Plate: BM221
TC: Seche Vite


  1. I almost didn't recognize your nails! They look very cute at this length.

  2. I love reds and purples on my nubs. Pretty mani, as always. :D

  3. I looooove this color! Going on the top of my WANT list. Im currently wearing Casey.. who is a lovely vampy shade like this one, but teeters on the purple/black side instead of the reddish/black this one seems to. :D Thanks so much for sharing! Your application is beautifully professional.

    I agree with you about shorter nails looking awesome dark! My nails refuse to grow.. Im cursed with even shorter than you have nails! :( *sad panda face .

  4. You create a very sophisticated mani with the konad!

  5. Very nice! What stamp is that?

  6. They look great! :) I actually really like short-ish nails, really long ones creep me out lol. You are rocking that color <3

    What kind of lights are you using? I don't use my lightbox for my nails, but I do a lot of tabletop photography and found that using the proper type of lights is key! I can send you a link to some really good, inexpensive lights, you can email me at katie[at] if you want it :)

  7. so pretty ! I usually wear vampys when I got really short nails.

  8. This looks awesome and so do your nubs!! :)

  9. I agree with vampy colors and dark colors on short nails looking better! This color reminds me of OPI's Mrs O'Leary's BBQ it's quite lovely!

  10. I love the dark, vampy colors. It looks great on your "nubs" :D

    I think dark colors look good on short nails!

  11. This color is absolutely gorgeous!

  12. This is an amazing polish! So deep and pretty, great post!


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