Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy Summer 2011 Collection Swatches

Hi loves!!!

  Today I have swatches of Dr.'s Remedy Summer collection. This group consists of Three gorgeous metallics and Two classic cremes. 
This is the amazing Tranquil Tangerine. Now... there isn't anything tranquil about this color. It's bold and vibrant and amazing! I don't own anything like this. The formula on this baby is amazing! Actually all Three metallics have an excellent Two coat formula. What I love is that it is not streaky. These are true foil metallics.

This is Bold Baby Blue. Now I think that Tranquil Tangerine  and Bold Baby Blue  should exchange names lol. I see this soft metallic Sky Blue as being tranquil and the tangerine as being bold lol.. That's just me though. I really loved this one. It was like robot nails. Once again I love that it is a smooth metallic foil finish and there are no brushstrokes.

Glee oh Glee. I love this one! It is a soft Gold metallic/ foil. This one is one of those colors that will flatter a lot of skin tones but will really shine on darker complexions. There are a few bloggers I can think of that could really bring this color to life. 

 This one is Lovely Lavender. OMG the formula on this sucker is incredible. I almost left it at one coat. Anywho, Lovely Lavender is  pretty Greyed out Lavender creme. This one is a solid Two coater and has a high shine formula.

 Last but not least is Nurture Nude Pink. I wish I could have gotten Sunlight pics of this but the Sun has not been cooperating much. Ok so it is established that this is a pretty standard nude Pink tone. What my picture is not showing very well is the lovely hidden Pink shimmer a la Cult Nails Crusin Nude. This one is a Three coater but the formula flows easily and dries quick as well.

 I like that this collection has a little bit of Bold, a little bit of classic and a little bit of standards. My top pick has to be Tranquil Tangerine. The orange lover in me just cannot get enough of how bright and juicy it looks. My second favorite is actually Nurture Nude Pink. Why? I loved the formula and I love me some soft seashell Pinks. They are clean and detoxifying. You can visit the Dr.'r Remedy site by clicking on the link on my right hand side bar Link Love Section. Check out their Facebook Page for more goodies!

What are your thoughts on this collection?
<3 Cristina

(**Products sent for review**)


  1. I'm liking them so far, have just tried the Bold Baby Blue, think I will try the Tranquil Tangerine next!

  2. How about a comparison of Lovely Lavender and Zoya Caitlin? :)

  3. @Miss Becca- Of course. I will be doing that soon. They do look pretty close.

  4. Lovely colors!

    I personally love Lovely Lavender and Glee oh Glee!

  5. I'd never heard of this brand before this collection came out. Lovely Lavender DOES look lovely!

  6. These are lovely. You do such awesome swatches.

  7. just beautiful. I love that nude polish!!!!

  8. pretty but pricey :\ I know, I know - so I'll cough up $23 for a dc'd ChG OMG but won't spring for $17 for one of these? hmmm, maybe after I've satisfied all of my dc'd lemmings... ;\ lol I'll grant you, that Bold Baby Blue IS a stunner!! and gorgeous swatches as always, C :)

  9. All these polishes are gorgeous!

  10. I love Tranquil Tangerine, Bold Baby Blue, and Glee. Those are so pretty and sparkly.

  11. Wow! You are totally right, your Lovely Lavender, looks totally different on your hands than mine...I love all of them on you, especially Tranquil and Bold :)


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