Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Swatchy Spam Part 4

Happy Caturday!!

   Today I have another mini swatch spam post. I'm hoping to have something more exciting tomorrow for you guys. I really hope you don't mind all this swatching I've been showing lately. I swear I will be stamping more often and stuff soon. I just have a lot of nonsense going on in my real life right now (BOOOOO!)... But I don't want to abandon my lovelies...
  Rodeo Fanatic is one of my China Glaze favorites. This is a lovely Teal shimmer with a slight duochrome runnign though it. This is Two effortless coats.

Above is Essence Can't Cheat on Me. I picked this cutie up at Ulta not long ago because the second I saw the micro Silver shimmer I knew there was that certain holo something about it. In Sunlight there is a subtle holographic effect to this polish. I can't wait to layer this over darker colors to give them more dimension. This was Three coats and no top coat. Very shiny on it's own.

And last but not least is Bettina's Amethyst. This is a lovely soft metallic Purple with a great formula. IRL this is much more Red toned but the picture is not too far off from what the color actually look like. This was Three coats and no top coat. My momma brought me this pretty from her trip to Puerto Rico. She also brought me two other pretties that, as it turned out, I already had so I will be adding them to my upcoming giveaway. 

Happy caturday lovelies!
♥ Cristina


  1. lol im currently wearing Rodeo Fanatic layered with Kleancolors chunky holo bluebell...It looks stunning - Rodeo Fanatic is my fav ever CG!


  2. I like your swatching posts! (I love the stamping you do too, don't get me wrong) but I do like seeing the flat colours too :D
    I've been reading your blog for awhile now and thoroughly enjoy reading your stuff. <3

  3. Great swatches and nice colors!
    Hope stuff calms down for you soon :)

  4. Can't cheat on me is the best! Love it!

  5. Rodeo Fanatic ♥ ♥ ♥
    The Essence one looks pretty great too!

  6. Rodeo Fanatic is INCREDIBLE! All the colors ChG did that year are amazing!

  7. Rodeo Fanatic is my favorite ! They're all beautiful though .

  8. Rodeo Fanatic - it's amazing and I am pretty much saturated in my wants anymore for more blues - dark, light - any range. I have a lot of them - well not really - a lot would be what my reds are in my stash. But my love is not there for blues like it is for many who covet nail polish. I have shades to cover my needs when I am ready for a blue. I have shimmer, powder, glitter, navy, black with touch of blue and on and on. I just am surprised my eyes went pop when I saw this and I immediately added it to my wants list which I really have been trying to trim it down and not add so much to it all the time. I have many bottles that need love here in the house already...and I know what newbies coming I will want to buy as it is - so the ones that happen to come to me via all you lovely bloggers just add to the lists. I had far fewer wants (and far fewer polishes) pre blog days!

  9. This makes me want Rodeo Fanatic even more, so pretty. I love polishes like that which just seem to have depth to them.

  10. great shades! hope all the nonsense will go away soon :) hug

  11. Ah I need Rodeo Fanatic even more after seeing this swatch!

  12. I don't mind these spams at all!!!! I love them! ;D

    I added Rodeo Fanatic to my WL because I love teal and shimmery nail polishes!

    I have Essence Can't Cheat on Me but haven't tried it yet...;_; it thus looks beautiful!
    I'm always impressed on how glossy the Essence polishes are!

  13. Holy smokes, how did I not know about Rodeo Fanatic being the huge teal lover that I am?! It must've come out before I became a polish whore!


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