Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ruby Kisses Blue my Mind + O.P.I Silver Shatter

Happy Thursday evening lol! 

*EDIT* I accidentally posted this ahead of time and now I feel silly so I'll just go ahead and put it back up now. loool

  Today I have a simple shatter combo using O.P.I's Silver Shatter and Ruby Kisses Blue my Mind.
In the pic above I have the whole combo matted down with a coat of Hard Candy's Mattely in Love matte top coat.

  Here is what Ruby Kisses Blue my Mind looks like. It is a Royal Blue jelly. Now this was an extremely inexpensive polish. As in I only paid .99 cents for it lol.. So my expectations were not very high. I actually got it to make a franken but I wanted to see it on by itself first. The formula was slightly gluggy and sticky feeling. The brush is nice and flat and full but with this formula, also slightly hard to control. Here I have Two coats and there was some slight VNL but I knew I would be layering. Final Verdict? For .99 cents I'm not complaining too much, but don't have high expectations for it lol.
What are your thoughts on uber inexpensive polishes?


  1. That blue is really nice! & The shatter looks really good with it!

  2. LOL Cris...oh well, at least it's a pretty polish! It really looks identical to Revlon Royal

  3. I am in LOVE with that blue polish!

  4. The blue color is GORGEOUS!! And so is the silver shatter! DANG IT! I was THIS CLOSE to buying to today...

  5. I try inexpensive polishes out. Bonus if they're really good. If not, franken away with them.

  6. The blue polish is amazing! I really love your picture with the silver shatter, I can almost count every glitter

  7. I think $0.99 would be equivalent to about 60 or 70 pence here in England....that is crazy ridiculous cheap!!! The cheapest nail polishes I can find (without leaving the safe confines of my backwards little town) is £1.99, a brand called "Wild and Crazy". They are good sized bottles at 14ml, and have a nice little selection of colours. Some of them are really good - I have a metallic blue called "Baja" which is perfect with two coats - but some are not so good, for instance a metallic orange called "Capricorn" - it's a gorgeous bright zingy tangerine metallic in the bottle but it may as well be made of coloured water, I needed 6 coats to get even close to banishing VNL at the last time of trying!! There are cheaper ones by a brand called M.U.A., at £1.00 a bottle, but the bottles aren't very big at all so I don't think they're all that great value and have never been tempted by any of the shades anyway.

  8. For as long a I keep polishes on I dont mind cheap polishes chipping but when they go on bad thats a deal breaker lol. For me cheap polishes I love, they make great colours and keep up with trends!

    I love this look, specially the shatter mattified, will be doing that to my opi shatter!


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