Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zoya Metallics Mini Spam

Hi hello!!!

  Today I have another micro spam post. Today's post is all Zoya!!! More specifically Zoya Metallics... Well except for the lovely Midori. The lovely fairies at Zoya sent me these babies with the intentions of my using them for nail art. Trust me I fully intend to :D! But First! I wanted to swatch these pretties out to "test" their opacity and formulas. 
This is the amazing Midori. This color is something else. This is the most amazing shade of Lime Green Shimmer with slight Golden flashes throughout. This is one of the most beautiful Greens I have ever seen.

Behold! Goldie! OMGGG This color is amazing!!! This one is a bright warm toned Gold. This one really caught me off guard because I could not believe how amazing it looked on the nail. I have a friend that had a color that was pretty darn close to this color. I love that it is a smooth foil Golden finish and that it is not cursed with brushstrokes.

Penny. The name is so dead on. This color is the exact color of a brand new shiny penny. This one is amazing Coppery goodness!

Austine. This one is described by Zoya as a soft pale gold metallic frost with subtle light orange and peach tones flecked with fine silver shimmer. This was the frostier of the shades and will probably be the best for stamping.

And this is Tess. I was also having a hard time describing this baby so once more I referenced Zoya. This one is a metallic light plum rose with pink, bronze and mauve undertones and silver foil shimmer. A classic fall shade but with a fun foil-like finish. I actually really like how this looks on my nails. 

All of these polishes were solid Two coaters with the most amazing formulas. My biggest concern when I was trying these was that they would be brustrokey or too sheer OR even worse.. Frosty (GAG). My concerns were unwarranted... It's ZOYA! They all applied perfectly smooth and shimmery but not strokey.

  One of the most common topics I get a lot of questions on is stamping and polishes that are good for stamping. Metallics are always amazing for this purpose. They stand out and can give simple polishes a sophisticated, flashy look. I will be experimenting with these pretties soon to show you guys just how great Metallics are for stamping, especially these Zoya beauties, who I must say caught me off guard. I am glad I swatched them first.

Stamping experiments coming soon!!
<3 Cristina

(**Products sent for review**)


  1. Midori and Tess are my favorites (:

  2. Zoya is a new-found love to me since blogging. Everything you have said about them is absolutely true.
    These shades are going to make for some really cool nail art. I'm looking forward to seeing it. :)

  3. These are really cute! I love Penny! Can't wait to see them stamped!

  4. Penny...I cannot wait to wear that one.

  5. I love the last one--Tess!!!

  6. I can't say I've ever seen a swatch of Midori, but I now think it's on my wishlist!!

  7. Penny and Tess look AMAZING! I must get these!

  8. I don't know why I haven't used Midori on my nails yet! It looks sooo pretty on you! Great swatches! :)

  9. Tess is now on my WL! Great post!


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