Thursday, August 4, 2011

7 Awesome @iFabbo Posts(Leave A Comment, Get A Comment!)

Hi loves!!!

  Today I have something pretty cool thanks to the lovely people at iFabbo. They have started a round up of their own and I am the hostess for this round up. I am so excited to be a part of this! This is a really great opportunity to network with other bloggers and find new, awesome blogs to stalk follow :).

Welcome! We’re delighted to be part of Cristina’s blog, who is hosting the Awesome Posts! For those
who don’t know, iFabbo is an organization that unites fashion, beauty and style bloggers with brands.
Want to join? It’s free. Apply here. What are the Awesome Posts? We find interesting iFabbo member
articles and one blogger to host links to them. We then encourage our members to visit the host’s blog
to show their support.

Latest iFabbo news: The July newsletter is out! This month’s featured blogger was Kimberley
Nissen from The Plastic Diaries. Also featured, was our London Event Recap. Check out Pics on
Our Facebook Page. Founding-member Jesse Draper from The Valley Girl Show was also featured.

7 Awesome Posts from iFabbo members:

1.Jenn @ Jenn Staz: “Eye Makeup Brushes 101 + Budget Friendly Tools”

2. Jessica @ I Heart Skin Care : Mini-Me Favorite Travel Goodies

3.Kenya @ Ruby Envy Beauty: “My Summer 2011 Fashion and Beauty Essentials”

4. Elisheva @ Bellabusta: “The Ultimate Multitasker: 1 Striped Shirt= 4 Fab Looks”


5. Andrea @ Fox in Flats: “5 Pigtail hairstyles you can wear without being confused for
your daughter’

6. Kimberlee @ I Have a Degree in This: “How My Non-Blogger Friends Feel About

7. Cristina (Our Fabulous Host!) @ Let Them Have Polish: “ My Epic LGBT Pride
Rainbow Mani”

Want to be considered as the next Awesome Posts host? Simply leave THREE

1: In the comment area below (Stuck for something to say? Share your best blogging tip).

2: On the commenter above you (If you’re first to comment, you get to skip this step!)

3: On one - or more - of the bloggers featured in the Top 7 list above. Anyone can leave
a comment (providing they meet the host’s comment policy), but you need to be an
approved iFabbo member to be chosen as host.

When choosing a host and blogs to feature, we look at who our most-active members
are (the ones leaving comments and tweeting links to our host’s blog). If you’re an
iFabbo member and you have an awesome post for our next round, submit it by e-mailing
awesomeposts[at]ifabbo[dot]com with your name, and a link to your awesome post.
For more info on iFabbo, visit our site, follow us on Twitter, and check out our Facebook
page. TIP: Make sure you tweet a link to this page! You want to be sure someone
comments after you! We’ve made it easy for you to Tweet this - just copy and paste!
Leave a comment, get a comment with @iFabbo’s 7 Awesome Blog Posts:


  1. I would love to host a iFabbo post!! I'm really new to bloggin so the only tip I have is blog blog blog lol. I find my readers appreciate the more I put out there :) XOXO

  2. I have just become an iFabbo member! I'm really excited to be a part of this community!

    I agree with Marissa, that you need to blog, blog, blog, and also you need to stay true to yourself when blogging, and ALWAYS respect other bloggers and your readers :)

    I would love to be considered as the next Awesome Posts hosts! I'm leaving my three comments now :)

  3. iFabbo is an interesting idea, especially if the uniting of bloggers is done through an automated process.

  4. I recently became an ifabbo member. I love seeing the black ribbon on my page. I hope to get more involved.

  5. I too would love to host an iFabbo blog post. xoxo I wear my ribbon with pride!

    I loved this, I added a couple great blogs to my roll and Cristina, this blog is great too!

    My tip: write about what you know and what you want to know. Write in your voice, not what you think someone wants to read. Finally, proofread!


  6. Hi Cris, you've got a great blog! Thanks for posting my link. However, the URL is broken and doesn't link to my page. Can that be fixed?
    (Also, I would love to be a host for IFabbo's awesome links!)

  7. Congrats! Keep up the great opportunity that has coming your way. I'm glad IFabbo gave you an excellent opportunity!

  8. Blogging tip: when you have a bunch of ideas right in a row, find a calendar and start writing them down! Having these posts out on paper and seeing them in the grander scheme of things helps you prevent writer's block. Another tip, POST A TON but don't sacrifice quality over quantity :)

  9. Great roundup! My tip is to interact with other blogs - comment, submit to social bookmarking sites, etc. Always pay it forward!


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