Thursday, August 25, 2011

As Time Passes by Tag- It's a Funny One.


  I was tagged for this by the lovely Bregje from Ooh, Shinies! I'm really bad about doing tags but this one seemed like fun and short so, why not? The point of this tag is to show how your style of pictures and skills have changed throughout your blogging. I think this tag came at a good time since LTHP just turned One and I've changed my pics around quite a bit to something I think I am finally really in love with.

  So here is what it all started with. A very crappy pic of Mad as a Hatter. My nails are only slightly longer now but taken care of much better.
LOOLLL OMG look at this hawt mess! There was even a smudge on my lens!! AGHHHH! This was my very very first nail polish picture ever! You can even see my gross cuticles from this far away.

This is what my pics look like today. Here I am wearing Swimsuit...Nailed It and Crown me Already! I just recently switched to this angle of pics and I'm really loving it because it allows me to gt in really close and show the detail in the polish well. It also seems to work so well for my shorter nails.
And there you have my "then and now :)". I'm happy with how far I've come in a year as far as photos and nail care goes. I've learned so much thanks to everyone in this community.

I suck at tags and such so I welcome anyone who feels like participating to "tag themselves". I'd really love to see every blogger that has been doing it for a while to to this tag so we can all laugh together haha!
♥ Cristina


  1. LOL! We all start out new things somewhere! If I think of the years and conditions my nails have been through - it's quite the array. I have gone from every night re-doing my polish in HS for next day perfection (well as perfect as those old 60's polishes let you get) to my hippy days of makeup? what? - to the first visit of disco days and glitter was upon us for the first time since the 20's really. Then it was on to acrylics in the 80's and all those mom colors so popular then. 90's found me really taking care of my nails with treatments due to I had my first run in with cancer and the meds took a toll on the entire body - nails included. The latter from the 90's I have continued on with since then - as has 'that' collection of polishes with a # of major purges - some I can cry over having dumped. I think my oldest now is an 80's OPI before OPI even had names for their collections and only released 3 collections/yr. All in all - it's been a wild ride - and somehow I got rid of the ridges on my thumb nails that were really huge that have been with me since I remember seeing them in about 6th grade when I was finally starting to play with polish. Where did they go? I don't even have to buff them away now. So while I don't have a nail blog - that's my nail wild ride through many yrs!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous! You are SO creative! Can you give us details on how you mix your polishes together? Do you start with an empty bottle, or play drop-by-drop on a palette? I would love to see your process. Also, what is your secret for your flawless cuticles?

  3. I NEED Crown Me Already..I love doing the accent nail :)

    Your pictures are great. I wish I had the talent to take good photograph lol

  4. I love the way your nails look! How do you get the polish so clean around the cuticles? mine never look that clean, and I just stare at your pictures to see how nice they look! Great Job on blog too.


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