Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mini Zoya Spam Time!!

Hi darlings!!

  Today I have some very small Zoya spam. Not too long ago Zoya had another of their awesome promos and these are the Three beauties that came home to live with me...
Posh. The most amazing shade of matte, shimmery Wine Red. My new date nite polish. OMG this is just STUNNING! I have absolutely no interest in seeing this with a top coat because it's just sooo lovely in it's original matte form. This color could not apply any better. This is fully opaque at Two coats but it was pretty dark and even at One coat. I can't wait to wear this baby again.

Akyra. A slightly blackened Peacock Teal? Sure, let's go with that. It's really a beautiful color with a slightly sheer formula. I found that this color did best with Four thin coats. When it was finally fully opaque I could not stop staring at my nails. I love these mermaid-y type of colors.

And this is the ever-popular Charisma. Let's just say this photo does this color absolutely no justice. It is not this Pink. It is a very bright, bordering on neon, Red toned Purple creme. It dries very matte and kinda fug but put a top coat on this lovely and the color completely transforms in the most beautiful shade of Purple. The formula on this is a little tricky as it seems to have some neon pigmentation in it. It's not draggy or streaky but you do have to work a little fast. I will say that every Purple lover needs this baby.

I'm really happy with my picks, especially Posh. Which pretties did you get? Have you checked out my giveaway yet?
♥ Cristina


  1. Posh and Charisma are beautiful ♥ !

  2. Cris, you never fail to please. These swatches are awesome! I have Charisma, and now I will need the other two. You do nothing but add to my addiction! LOL

  3. I got Posh in the giveaway as well- love it!

  4. I love Akyra! I can't believe I've never seen this one before! I will keep it in mind for when Zoya does their next promo.

  5. I just got Posh myself and it is GORGEOUS. But I did try a metallic crackle over it and it looks pretty cool. At first I was like "oh noes! what did I do?" but then it grew on me.

    But yeah, no more topcoats for Posh. SHE ROCKS.

    I am lemming the other two. Had to open my spreadsheet and add them ;)

  6. I ordered Posh, too, and it's not my favorite red! Love love love it. You REALLY should try it with a topcoat once, though, I was shocked!

  7. I got my 2 free polishes and ordered one 6 piece set (Mirrors) and about 6 others shades on top of my 2 free. I am so glad you showed us Charisma - it's going on my always running Zoya shopping bag right now! Amazing shade!

  8. I also got Posh and Akyra!

  9. I got Posh in the last promo and love it too!

  10. i just used charisma and had to look on your blog to see if you had swatched it before. i had such a hard time and was wondering if it was just me and my not soo experienced self, or it really had a bad formula. its nice to read that i wasnt the only one who had problems. though it seems you had less issues than me. i think i didnt move fast enough. i had lots of dragging. but the more coats i used the better it looked and to me it was worth it. :)


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