Monday, August 29, 2011

Muffin Monday!! China Glaze Papaya Punch- Kitteh Pics and my First Freehand Nail Art!!

Happy Muffin Monday!!!

  Muffin missed you guys last week!! Anyways I am so glad to be on time this week!! Yaay!! Today I have a Kitty- full post!!
  She was so smitten with the color that she played with the bottle for like 10 minutes lool!  She would rub herself all over it and paw at it.. It was SOOOO CUTE!!!

She picked one of my favorite releases from this Summer, Papaya Punch. This color was also my first venture into Orange nail polish. OHH AND.. ANDDDD... I did freehand for the first time ever for this post. It was so much fun!
Fiyah!!!!!! For the flames I used CG Solar Power and  Phat Santa. I did the flames just using a small detail brush. I found this brush pack at Wal Mart in the craft section and they were perfect.

Here is a re-swatch of Papaya Punch. Almost neon, candy corn Orange. This is Two coats. I really love this color!

 And because it's been a while here is a picture of my princess Truffle. She likes to keep me company in the polish room. Whenever I am taking my pictures she always lays right by my side. Sometimes she even gets in the way lol. Muffin likes to hang out with Mr. LTHP in his office and Truffle likes to hang out with me in mine :).
Happy Kitty Monday!!!
♥ Cristina

(**Some of the products featured in this post were sent to me by CG PR**)


  1. I tried these flames or swirling 2 or 3 shade together before, thinking I might come out with something kind of like watermarbeling without all the volume of polish that takes, not to mention the mess I make and come out with no results presentable (yet). Good used for Phat Santa - some reason I never liked that red - and I am a red lover typically.

  2. I own this one and haven't tried it yet. Love it w/the flame effect! I bought it thinking it would look great under black crackle for Halloween. The kitty is cute too. :)

  3. What a nice post! And not only because of the cats ;) The flames look cool :)

  4. Papaya Punch seems so yummy on your nails! But my favourite picture is the last one, Truffle is a real princess!

  5. Truffle looks so much like my cat Annie it's crazy! She is also always wanting my lovin' all the time. It's adorable but sometimes too much. hah
    About the nails though, really cute and I find it more fun to do freehand sometimes after a lot of Konading.

  6. Whoa. I cannot believe you also have a cat named Truffle.

  7. Very pretty! I love those colors!

  8. The mani looks great, and the photos of the cat are so cute!

  9. Aww Muffin looks so cute! I can't believe she smells the bottles so closely! I can even show one to Sony and he would close his eyes and gag because of the smell... weird right?! Loving the flames! they look so real :D Truffle is a beauty... I love her elongated face, she's so elegant! Love you guys! xoxo

  10. This looks great! Good job!
    I almost bought Papaya punch a couple of months ago and now regret I didn't!
    Beautiful cat btw! I looove cats!

  11. Your cats are so adorable! I love the colour of this polish! :)

  12. Hehe, what a cute idea to let your cat pick the colour. :) And maybe I'm channeling your feline, but today I also happen to be wearing China Glaze Papaya Punch!

    Love the freehand nail art you did! :D

  13. This is fab! Papaya Punch looks so fun. I hope you know that Muffin Mondays are my favorite posts out of ALL the nail blogs I read (and that's a lot). Yay for kitties and polish :)

  14. Yes! I love that color too!! I had to get the whole set--so yummy!

    Love the Kittehs. I miss mine :( My pup Willow could care less about polish.

    Nice flames, very awesome!


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